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When you speak to your loved ones who have passed, if someone asked you where you are as you do so, what would you answer?  “Why, I am right here!”  And as you connect with those who have passed, would they not answer the self-same thing?  Where you are is always “here.”  Where you exist as a soul is in the heart and mind of God—of Spirit, and God is Love.  So, to connect with those who have passed, be “here” now.  Breathe slowly to release your focus on the physical world, and be here in your awareness.  Where?  In the “place” of simply be-ing, which is quite a changeable, malleable state, not a thing or place at all.  Go to that place-state of here and here you can connect quite clearly with your beloved ones, for neither they nor you have ever really gone anywhere.  You are still and always “here” as the many expressions of the One Heart and Mind.

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