The Awakened Way

A Path to Knowing Who You Are and Why You're Here.
The Awakened Way℠ is not a system, not a process, not a religion. It is an awakened approach to living a consciously connected and divinely guided life.

The Awakened Way is Built Upon Three Basic Truths

  • You are not only human.
  • You are part of one big web connecting all that is.
  • You find healing and connection through expanded states of consciousness.

The Keys to Finding Peace, Tranquility, and Freedom:

Realize who you are.
Who are you?  Despite appearances, you are not an independent being, but the interdependent manifestation of a shared Consciousness that is infinitely intelligent, creative, and self-aware.  As such, you do not operate apart from other, but as a direct part of a Power far greater than yourself.
Balance your head with your heart
As humans, we need to think, but when we balance thinking with feeling & knowing, we access higher wisdom.
Rise above the duality and observe.
When the drama of this "Earth School" gets to be too much, shift your identification to that of your True Nature, which is part of the unified field of Consciousness. From this deeper neutral perspective, you can make wiser choices when you re-assume your story.
Spend time with your Highest Self.
The best way to get to know who you really are is to establish a regular practice of Presence and connecting with Higher Consciousness.
Make the highest choices.
You do this by following the Higher Self/inner light's guidance through the heart. Give each choice the "heart test".

The Awakened Way℠ 

The Awakened Way℠


A conscious and committed way of living up to our soul’s full potential

An approach to life that brings us into alignment with our True Nature, that acknowledges and celebrates Who we really are and why we’re here

A path to a love-centered life with specific
steps, processes, and a philosophy, yet it is
not rigid or dogmatic

The ABC's of Action

The ABC's of Action



Align with your True Nature
(Be the Shining Light you are)



(Slow, deep breathing gets you instantly to your center)  


  Connect with All through Flowing Awareness
(and act on all inner guidance that is aligned with Love)

The Daily Way ℠


Suzanne’s guides, Sanaya, have provided a treasury of wisdom of how to live with greater peace, joy, and emotional freedom.

 You can find thousands of “The Daily Way℠ messages and special extended communications with Suzanne and Sanaya  by clicking on "The Daily Way' under the "Spirit Connections" tab on the menu.

What is my first step?  We each start where we are on this path.  There is no prerequisite.  No two paths are identical.   

Suzanne's "Ten-Minute Transformation" and her guided session of "Making the Connection" have proven to be powerful starting points (and strengthening points) for The Awakened Way℠.  One of the best ways to learn "Who you are and why you're here" and to align with those in the spirit realms is by regularly doing these sessions,  This practice is transformational.  Click on the links below and enjoy the guidance from Suzanne and her spirit team.

If you have found your way here after the passing of a loved one and/or are looking for greater understanding of the non-physical dimensions and how to connect with them, click here to find tips and tools that may speak to your heart.  

Sanaya recently shared a stunning new perspective on oneness.
Our English language sometimes gets in the way of our understanding.  Hear an explanation of our connection to the Divine and to each other directly from the spirit realm. This is life-changing.