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Can you find that perfect balance between taking care of the self and serving others?  There are many beliefs about selflessness—that somehow it is wrong to be selfish—but you are a self.  It behooves you to take care of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.  Pause often and discern how well you are balancing outer and inner, others and self.  Your very health and wellbeing depend upon it. 

You are so very loved.



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  1. Morning Suzanne, Love today’s post. It is easy to succumb to wanting, and acting, to please and help others without taking into account the costs. Sanaya’s words are nicely succinct in making the point. Am thinking that making the assessment of balance is the tricky bit. Because I used Merriam Webster to understand ‘behoove’ accurately there is now a mention on their site as to how I came across the word.
    Many thanks to Sanaya and yourself with lots of gratitude and blessings to all. cheers sisu Paddy

  2. Hi.
    My wife of 33 years died last month aged 51. I believe in the spirit world and that the Earth is like a school for souls, but it isn’t helping me. I live alone now away from my country of birth and family, I have all the time in the world to meditate, which I do daily.
    I am staying strong for my kids in England but inwardly I am struggling. My wife was my best friend and Soulmate, I felt sure we would have contact, I felt her presence for a couple of days as I do Reiki but have had nothing since, nearly 8 weeks ago.
    I will be practicing from your YouTube video on 3 keys to see if I can make contact as I feel that will help me. You have given me some hope as I trust your energy and believe you have a real gift.
    Keep doing the good work.

    Thank you


    1. Post

      Our hearts go out to you, Greg. Don’t give up. There is no timeline to the grief process or to how long it takes to have good contact. Your wife must also learn how to communicate! In the meantime, so much learning and growth takes place, so flow and breathe and be present.

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