With Understanding

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

What is the root of resentment?  The answer is quite simple:  pain.  And it quite often has nothing to do with the person who is being resented.   “Oh, she thinks she’s so pretty.”  “He thinks he’s so smart.”  Does it matter what the other thinks or if they are truly pretty or smart?  Not at all.  Beauty and wisdom or whatever the issue are in the eyes of the beholder.  It matters not how others see the situation.  If the perceiver is in pain, the vision is distorted.  As the pain dissolves, the perception changes.

When faced with one filled with resentment, dive into your heart and raise the compassion.  Once again, condone not the spiteful words, but with understanding of their origin, send healing love.  Hold the vision that the other may truly come to see what needs healing in their own heart and thoughts.