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Vacations … they provide a break from your daily routine.  Most everything you do is a bit different, starting with the time and way you arise to how, when, and what you eat and then do during the day.  Some of you would like to have a vacation from your life, so tired are you of being human.  You do not need to go anywhere or leave your life or lifestyle to have a vacation.  All it takes is an awareness of how very programmed are your thoughts and how very routine are your actions.  Ask of Higher Consciousness to be guided to new routines, new ways of thinking.  Follow the inner guidance and see how it feels to be guided and to try new things.  You may find that your vacation from the ordinary leads to extraordinary insights and you no longer wish to get away, but to enjoy this whole new atmosphere of peace and love you experienced on your little vacay from the ordinary.

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  1. Hi Suzanne, I have a question? My question is where can I read your poems you wrote? I love poetry and while I was watching your movie you said you wrote hundreds of them and possibly were going to publish them? I am so looking forward to hearing back from you 💞. Blessings to you.
    🦋~Sharon ~

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