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Like fly paper.  Perhaps this is not the most positive image, but it is a befitting one for what happens when you think negative thoughts.  You pick up every stray piece of negativity that passes in your immediate vicinity.  What do you wish to attract to you?  Something higher?  Raise your thoughts.  Yes, this takes awareness, but Awareness is your true nature, not these human conditioned concepts that go round and round, holding you stuck in an animal nature.  Use your soul nature to rise above the fray.  Free will will save the day.

You are so very loved.



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  1. Wow, the image of fly paper is a great way to describe how ugly those negative thoughts really are. If we spend time with worry, self doubt and other negative thoughts then just think of all the time wasted that we could be spending with love and the goodness in life. Thank you for this wise message.

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