The Nature of Things

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

What causes frustration?  When you have ideas of how a thing will act, unfold, turn out, and so forth, and it fails to do so according to your ideas.  “But, but . . . it was supposed to . . . he, she, it, you are supposed to . . . I want, I need . . .”  Are you getting the picture?  Can you feel the cause and source of frustration?  What if you bring to your awareness the understanding that every creation has a specific nature and will act according to that nature, even if that nature is unpredictability.  It is “dog nature” to bark.  It is “cat nature” to get on the counter.  It is human nature to . .  . There is no more frustration as you experience conflicting natures and as you recognize yourself exerting your particular nature.  Laugh at yourself when frustration arises, and you now clearly see the cause.  In laughing and allowing, you have just climbed yet another rung on the ongoing ladder of awakening.