srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

We have earlier likened your path to a balance beam.  Today we take you to the end of that beam, which in a way you reach with every step, for your path is always laid out before you.  Yes, certain lessons have been agreed upon.  Yes, you will have alternate experiences should you choose to exert your will, but in most cases, in each moment you find yourself in a position based upon what has come before.  The future plays out based upon the path you and all others have created.

And so, the balance beam becomes a springboard of sorts.  You get to choose how high you will go with each next step.  Will you reach for the stars, aiming to align with the highest possible Consciousness?  Will you continue in a straight trajectory, or will you slip a bit downward?  We are not speaking of some far-off future.  You create the future with each step, with each dive off the springboard.  This is what will, and choice, and love create.  It is completely of your making, combined with the choices of those around you who, like you, are expressions of Awareness taking a journey.  The journey is individual for each of you, but cumulative and collective.  It is all a matter of perspective.  In awareness of this, how high will you spring with each step?