Shifting Gears

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In and out, in and out.  In and out of what?  Of the story.  Of the persona.  In and out of gear, if you liken this to the analogy of a car.  You are engaged with the story, identified with the persona as you go through your daily life.  It started from the moment you identified with the body, but that is simply part of the story. Now pop out of gear and identify with no-thing, no story.  Just BE.  BE here.  “Here” there is pure presence.  “Here” there is no story, no drama, no angst, no suffering.  How easy it is to disengage and pop out of gear to find peace, yet what do you do?  You cling to the story, which is only a role.  To move a gear shift, do you know what you do in a manual transmission?  Release the clutch!  How much are you clutching and clinging to the story?  The degree to which you clutch is the degree to which you suffer.  Put the story in idle for a while, why don’t you, and come to know yourself as pure BE-ing, which is the epitome of peace, the Home of Love.

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  1. Remember not to disengage from your personal story, while you are driving. Keep your eyes carefully focused on the road ahead, as you will still need a body (preferably still in one piece) in order to be able to continue to function at this physical level.

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