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Suzanne strives to find the perfect balance between offering events and resources at no charge and those that involve the exchange of energy, which is much appreciated.  In addition to her free videos, podcasts, weekly one-hour radio show with Unity Online Radio, and her daily inspirational messages and special sessions with Sanaya, Suzanne offers the following for-fee services:  

(Private, one-on-one)

"I have absolutely no doubt that you were connecting with my loved ones in spirit!  Talking with you today gave me more solace than 3 years of grief therapy."

Suzanne is highly sought-after for her evidential mediumistic sessions for connecting with loved ones who have passed.

Readings are recorded and a copy given to the client in MP3 format.

$150 for a 45-minute session

Please note:   Due to over the overwhelming number of requests, there is currently a 3-year waiting list for mediumship readings.

CLICK HERE for more information on what to expect in a reading and a link to the request form.

(Single Sessions)

"I felt powerless to deal with my challenges before your session, and when it was over, I was filled with hope!"

Suzanne provides personalized phone consultations on an as-available basis for coaching and mentoring.

Please note that this is NOT a mediumship or psychic consultation.  What's your goal?

  • Improving your mediumship abilities and/or connecting with guides
  • Acquiring tools to deal with life issues
  • Raising your quality of consciousness
  • Your spiritual practice
  • Improving your meditations

$150 for a 50-minute  session

CLICK HERE to schedule a coaching session. After submitting your payment, you will be redirected to a form.  Suzanne will contact you upon receipt of this form to schedule your session.

(Live Online Webinars)

"This was amazing!  I'm so inspired by these monthly meetings.  They're a huge gift!"

Group mentoring is open to all who desire to increase their awareness and connection to spirit.

Attendees have an opportunity to ask questions and chat with each other.

All registrants receive a private link to the recording of the session with unlimited viewing.

The webinar content each month is inspired by Suzanne’s most recent teachings from her team in spirit.

$25 for a 2-hour webinar with follow-up video

CLICK HERE for more details and a link to register.