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Have you sat and asked why you act or react the way you do in certain situations?  If you have merely wondered at behavior that is less than optimal, but you have not deliberately asked this question of Higher Consciousness, you may keep wondering around and around whilst you wander around endlessly repeating the self-same behaviors.  All of the answers you seek lie within, patterns within your energetic field waiting to be released, if you will only seek them out.  Sit in the silence.  Breathe slowly and deeply.  Knowing that you are not alone, that you are part of something far greater, ask the question of your unseen helper(s) at a higher level.  “Why do I behave this way?  What is the cause?”  And then wait quietly for insights to arrive.  You must first be willing to shine that light into the shadows.  Once you have done so, prepare for healing.  When your answers are revealed, offer what you have learned to the light with gratitude for the lessons.  See yourself with compassion and understanding, and know that now that you have filled that space that once held onto fear with light, you are healed.  But first you must ask the question.  You are so very loved.

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