Reality 101

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There is only one Mind.  Yes, we are back to that, Reality 101.  And that one Mind fragments itself again and again and again.  Look around you.  You see physical objects, people, animals, birds, and bees.  All are creations of the Creator, of that Divine Thought.  You are made of stardust, yes, you the physical body, but that is just the body.  Do you want to continue to identify yourself as an object that will return to dust, or as the very heart of all that is—as Love?  It is not much of a decision, is it?  Yet, so many continue to identify with the body.  Go within and find there your connection to your Source.  You are an extension of that Mind, which is why synchronicity happens again and again.  It is all one big web.

Note from Suzanne:  I love that today’s message mentions synchronicity!  It is the topic of today’s episode of the “Messages of Hope” online radio show, airing live at 4:00 Eastern time.  Join me with guest evidential mediums Susanne Wilson and Tina Powers by going to

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  1. I really enjoy your radio shows, Suzanne. Just listened to last Thursday’s. It was awesome as usual. That it was packed with so many marvelous synchronicities shared by you and your guests put it over the top. Thank you for all the Sanaya smiles ❤️

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