Re-Structuring Thoughts

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

“Devastation!” you cry, and with horror you look upon scenes where once something stood and now it is reduced to rubble, pieces, fragments.  Is this a bad thing or is this the cycle of creation?  The ongoing cycle of life is one of creation, sustainment, and destruction.  Change is a certainty.  Can you find the good in the de-structuring?  Can you see people coming together to help?  Can you see hearts opening?  Can you see service in action?  Can you see love in abundance, pouring out to those in need where before there may have been fighting and separation?  Can you see new and improved structures and opportunities where the destruction happened?  What is torn down often grows back stronger, and this includes the human.  Look upon de-struction with a new eye and do not let your thoughts destroy YOU.