Purpose-Filled to the Very Last Breath

srgiesemann Special Sessions with Sanaya 7 Comments

Please enjoy and share this special channeled message for those feeling discouraged by physical or emotional challenges. It applies to all who feel frustrated by the strong desire to go “Home” and don’t understand why they are still here. (This channeling resulted from a directive to pay a house call on a dear friend. It is shared with his permission in hopes that it provides for others the healing and insights that it did for him).


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  1. Wow very very powerful! I have several people in my life right now that has their older they feel like they want to go home and they don’t have purpose. Thank you for sharing from Sanaya about this very thing it is so very appreciated.

  2. Thank you for sharing this message of hope in the present moment. As a hospice volunteer, I frequently question the longevity of clients, secretly entertaining the wish that my fate would not match theirs, but that I would have ‘control of my ship’ to the end.. I see the courage that it takes to live on in discomfort and disability, with challenges to face every day when the body is lest able to meet these challenges. It takes not only courage, but humility, kindness and the willingness to live in the present and find some way to enjoy every moment no matter what. May we all find these virtues deepening as we age

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message of encouragement and wisdom.
    I will remember the answers it gives and how beautifully it explains why some people are still here when they are tired and don’t understand why they can’t just go on “home.”
    Well said, Sanaya!
    I will remember this message so I can share it with others when they need to hear it.
    With love and appreciation.

  4. I often feel that Sanaya has spoken directly to me and lifted me up from a human level of existence into a higher realm and this was no exception. Beautiful! Stunningly beautiful! I don’t feel as though this only applies to those who are older and no longer feel they have purpose. This was a recipe for living a beautiful life for all of us. Thank you for sharing Sanaya’s beautiful wisdom with us and to this dear friend of yours for allowing us to learn from his journey.

  5. This is a perfect message as we begin the Lenten season. Unity has a free booklet titled Keeping a True Lent which speaks of many of the insights Sanaya gave in this channeling.
    “I keep a true Lent by spiritualizng my thinking, I release limiting beliefs of the past and focus on positive, life giving ideas.”
    Bless you Suzanne and Sanaya for sharing your wisdom and love.

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