Prayer Part Two

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We will continue with the lesson of prayers (See March 8, 2018 post).

You are so accustomed to supplicatory prayer, and there is nothing wrong with this.  Prayers do make a difference.  We merely want you to recognize the difference between praying from a place of wholeness vs. separation.  Separation is not wrong, for you and we are all projections of the one Light, fragmented for the extension and expression of Love.  And so, if you wish to pray in a supplicatory way, pray to us, your guides.  Pray to your Higher Self, and pray to your lower self.  Pray to God, holding onto the awareness that you are not separate from this God of your understanding.  “May I see things rightly.  May the greater good be served.  Please give me strength and courage to deal with these challenges and to see the lessons in them.  Help me to see Truth and to always come from a place of Love.”

We pray this is helpful as we affirm the oneness of all Life.

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  1. Thank you for this. I could not find Part One (or Part Three, which I believe you referred to in the group last night)…

  2. Profound, comforting message to inspire our loved ones who ‘want to go home’. This thoughtful perspective is a metaphor for H O P E for us all. Thank you Suzanne/Sanaya❤

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