Perfect in Every Way

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Perfection is not within your grasp as long as you are reaching for it with your human hand and your human mind.  Rise above the need for perfection.  Only then, from the new viewpoint, the higher perspective of the soul, of the I AM, will you be able to see the perfection in the imperfection of being human.

Each human is a shard of glass, pieces of a Whole that reflect the light in billions of ways, but always simply pieces reflecting that which is Perfection.  Perfection lies within its offspring and is expressed through you, but only by merging with all souls and with the light do you KNOW Perfection.

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  1. Sanaya’s comments are the most profound series of ‘ethic’ I have ever encountered. I truly believe they could not have been conceived by any contemporary person. I also believe that you and your organization ARE the turning point for the next ‘evolution’ in human moral consciousness. Your communications coupled with the internet are the future for ‘getting the word out’ on a worldwide basis.

    I think about Sanaya’s messages all the time now. I see all the references to ‘light’ in our sayings and literature that never meant anything to me before. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the words in John Lennons song IMAGINE (I think that’s the name) and how close those words are to Sanaya’s messages. I never thought much about that song before.

    I am amused that although the words in Sanaya’s messages are so simple and understandable, I most often do not grasp the meaning of the teaching until I think about it for a day or two.

    I could say a lot more …. but for now …thank you for all you do!!!! At 62 years of age – it woke (and is waking) me up! It feels like … truth.

    1. Wow! your words reflect how I feel. References to “Light” and ‘Oneness” has been all around us as if it was waiting for us to discover it.

  2. Given all that has been said about being beings of light, I am trying to reconcile this with such things as cumulative stresses in a life that present as maladies such as human depression that does not seem to lift.
    Psychology says “take a pill” etc. What does Sanya say about human depression?

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