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So many distractions everywhere you look, and most especially when you look at your electronic devices.  Those give you a sense of connection, and the human self craves these.  But what of the higher self?  How often do you pause to connect with something beyond the human self?  This takes a deliberate shift, a conscious effort, but oh, to do so often brings a sense of belonging, a sense of wholeness beyond the norm.  Make it a new habit, why don’t you, this pause that refreshes, and you will truly come to know you are so very loved.



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  1. My cell phone has been without internet since Monday, something with the tower or other. I laugh to myself, because I have already thought of a higher plane shifting the energy from electronics and voila! I look at on yesterday’s message and what is Sanaya speaking of 🙂 (LOVE).
    Thank you so much Suzanne and Sanaya. We are shining brightly with our Love and forgiveness and sharing the energy. (especially with our three younger children!)
    Love to you all and Thank you! So grateful!

  2. Yes indeed, a profound shift occurs when one shifts beyond the limited self. A sense of joy and amazement occurs throughout the mind and body together with a profound calmness. Blessings.

  3. I am so greateful for your teaching..this is changing my life making me a better and happier you so much 🙏♥️ Chantal from Canada Québec

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