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“Ready to pair.”  This is what your wireless device says to you when you have the intention of using it.  Do you know that Spirit is ready to pair with you at all times?  There is no wire.  There is no need to push any buttons, plug anything in, take any action other than agreeing to this coupling.  Realize, please, that you cannot NOT be paired with Spirit.  Spirit is pure Awareness, Consciousness, your very Essence, but as you walk about in “human being awareness” you can easily lose sight of this.  If you are pure spirit, then what is it you couple with?  With soul-awareness.  Make the conscious choice to pair your human awareness with soul awareness, and what a pair you have!  This is a state called “integration.”  Now you are no longer so strongly identified with your story, the story of “me”, that you fail to notice the guidance from Higher Consciousness that is always available.

Are you ready to pair?  Simply shift your awareness and you are there.  Wireless.  Connected.  One unit.  Ready to serve.  Beautiful.

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