Onward and Upward

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Just when you thought you had awakened, another piece of the puzzle is put into place, another layer of the onion is peeled away.  And yet, both of these analogies are partially inadequate, for they indicate that at some point the puzzle is completed and the onion fully peeled.  In fact, the spiral of the soul’s growth is not inward, but outward.  The center point is your connection with All That Is—with the Source, but you as a soul are having an experience that you call a “life.”  You are an explorer for the Source, heading out and out and onward and upward, collecting what?  Opportunities … opportunities for responding with love, sharing, joy, knowing peace.  Each time that you choose love and learn more ways to experience love, the spiral expands, and it is G(o)od.  Onward and upward you go, dear explorer!  The experiences never end, and the more you choose love, the more joy and peace are your traveling companions.

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  1. Beautiful! Today’s message helps me further realize how close my spirit is to my human form.
    Thank you!

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