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Are you aware how you project your perspective upon others?  Until you awaken, the human remains in a fixed position, seeing the world only from one viewpoint.  Imagine yourself in a sphere, a limitless theater-in-the-round, and all other humans have their fixed viewpoints.  Projecting yours upon them, thinking they view the world as you do is quite silly.  Expecting them to understand you at this level is equally wasteful of your efforts.  Only when you both rise above your fixed positions can you begin to join each other in awareness by both of you sharing your new perspectives, moving, flowing, dancing.  Fixed positions cause stagnation and strife.  Be free and soar.

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  1. I have just started the journey to my awakening. It’s very daunting. Where do I start when initiating conversations with friends about this journey? Thank you Sanaya.

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      Hello, Linda. You start and remain with the heart. There will be others who do not understand and perhaps not even approve of your new direction if it intimidates them or threatens their beliefs in any way. Know that it is a personal journey that brings much joy. Focus on that, know what you know, and love others no matter what.

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