Natural State

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

You look in the mirror and see the same reflection looking back at you as always.  But wait.  Something stands out and draws your attention unlike each other time.  Perhaps it is a blemish.  Perhaps it is hair that stands up.  Whatever it is that stands up or stands out, that is where your attention is immediately drawn.  Think about it:  Why else would you look in the mirror?  You look for what is different to see if it needs to be changed in some way.  That is what the human experience is all about.  And now, think about this:  When you find the blemish or the hair that stands up, do you dig at the skin to create another blemish and mess up the hair even more?  No.  You are naturally drawn to beauty, just as you are naturally drawn to love.

Turn away from the mirror.  What do you feel inside?  You may find that you naturally focus on what you consider faults in others or within the self.  Why?  Just as beauty called out to you through the blemish, love is calling out to you through so-called faults . . . the lower vibrations of emotions and actions that are farthest from love.  You are naturally drawn to them and they stand out because they are out of the natural order of things.  Why?  Because love is the natural state of all that is.  Love is all that is.  Anything that appears less than love is like a blemish.

Love the blemishes for what they have to reveal to you, for what you see and feel you can heal.