Awakened Living

Who am I?  Why am I here?  Find the answers as you practice awakened living.  Suzanne's teachings of "The Awakened Way" hold the keys to access a kind of life most don’t even know exists: guided, aware, perfectly in tune with who you really are. The first step begins here - now - wherever you are on your life's path.  Suzanne shares the wisdom and tools provided from the spirit realms to take you to a whole new level of awakened living,

The Awakened Way is a way of life -- consciously connected and divinely guided.  Learn the simple principles that can transform your life.

What does your life look like when you live The Awakened Way?  Discover what your soul is waiting for you to experience.

This online course gives you the tools to live The Awakened Way now! • Open your heart • Attune to higher consciousness • Reclaim your Power

This free two-hour online workshop provides essential tools for thriving as a fully conscious, trans-dimensional being.