srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

There is one Source, one Light, and limitless projections of that Light, that Love.  Picture a room full of light bulbs of varying intensities.  They appear to be different, but they all are derivations of the same Source.   Perhaps there are even Lights that you cannot see, for the brain is limited in detecting all vibrations.  Could there be Lights around you, fellow light-beings of which you are unaware?  Of course!

The body serves as a barrier, an impediment to true seeing.  See with the eyes of the soul, and know that all is Love … Light.  Did not one who knew only love, compassion, and humility say, “I am the Light?”  He wishes you to know that the same applies to all of you, for there is no separation twixt you and the Source.  How could there be, for you are that I AM.