Let it Go

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks 0 Comments

“How do I stop these negative human feelings that keep coming up?” you ask.  It is an excellent start to be aware of them.  When you can rid yourself of fears and limiting beliefs, all that remains is love.  Do you realize this?  Anything other than love boils down to fear.  Let it go.  It is that simple.  Just let it go.  Of course, you must recognize it first, so if you want to express and be the love that lies resident within you, simply set the intention of remaining vigilant for anything less than what you are at your core.  As these programs of the ego bubble up—and they will—do not berate yourself.  Instead, smile at the opportunity to drop these fear-bombs, visualizing them bursting into flowers that spread like colorful confetti, transmuting your fears into something far more love-ly.  There now, can you laugh at how the meaning you give to things can either bring you fear or smiles?  Release the fears.  Let them go, and simple BE Love.

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