srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

You see cans on a shelf in a grocery store and immediately you know what is inside.  You pick it up and look even closer at the fine print and now you have an even better idea.  What if when you opened the can instead of dog food it contained yellow corn?  Would you not be quite surprised?  You chose the can strictly by the label.  You trusted what you were told.

What are labels, but words agreed upon by the group to describe a thing.  What are names?  Arbitrary labels to differentiate one from another.  In the human realm when you have lost touch with the eyes of the soul and the knowing senses, you rely upon labels, but those you meet are not their names, nor are they most of the labels you have put upon them.

What if you changed the label from human being to some other agreed upon label?  It would not matter, for the contents of the vessel are quite different than merely muscle, tissue, and organs.  There is no name or label grand enough to describe the soul, so set aside labels and ask to feel what you are.  The experience may be quite profound, impossible to put into words.  Beautiful soul, thy name is Love.