Just Be

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Just be the ocean.  You have a choice, as the ocean, as to what aspect of the Self shows up each now-moment.  Do you show up as a drop of water, as a group of waves, or as the ocean itself?  In your earthly awareness, you play a role by which you learn that you are the ocean and are inseparable from it, yet the role allows you experiences you cannot have in your true essence as pure being – as the entire body of water.  And so, you act on.  How to best play your role?  By not identifying as only the water droplet, but by letting the waves flow as they will, guided by the over-all currents.  Just be and allow.  Yes, you will have to take action and make choices constantly, but in the awareness that you are something far greater than a solitary drop of water and even greater than a grouping of waves, you can relax, tune in to the overall flow, and just BE.

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