June 19, 2021

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In this profound session which took place at the W-Holy You 2 retreat at Unity Village, MO,  Sanaya presented as the highest embodiments of Christ Consciousness and Compassion and Mercy. They spoke of Oneness, a shift of consciousness, the balance of feminine and masculine, compassion, and love. Questions from retreat attendees were answered on soul planning, a final goal for each soul, and reincarnation. Sanaya commented further on “point of view”, the screen of awareness, seeing with the eyes of the soul, and the magnificence they see in each human being.

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Comments 9

  1. Tears of joy as I listened to these beautiful words. I only recently discovered this work of Suzanne’s, at exactly the right moment in exactly the right way……….for I understand that there are no ‘accidents” just divine appointments. I am so very grateful to all involved. Thank you so much Suzanne for being the channel for this wisdom and allowing us to share this space with you and turn up our lights. Sending love from Australia 🥰

  2. I loved the talk, the wisdom and messages brought me peace and great feelings of love. I do have a question though, both the Christ consciousness and Sanaya said “brothers and sisters” but what about those who are two spirit, intersex, and non binary? I’m confused about it. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom with us Sanaya. Such a beautiful experience, filled with revelation. I am deeply grateful to you, Suzanne, Bev and Lynette, for providing us with this doorway to soul consciousness. I always learn from your words and insights, and I settle into a place of acceptance and gratitude for this life and all it’s diversity of love and pain. I have often thought, I am ready to give up this suit, I would prefer not to return to the physical, and yet, at other times I learn, this really isn’t so. May we help you shine your brightest light, as you help us to shine ours. With bows, love and gratitude, Annie

  4. Hello
    I would really like to know the answer to this question.
    Is it possible to end your soul so that it no longer exist and if so, how is it accomplished?
    You should be able to find out about this and I would greatly appreciate knowing the answer.
    This is a serious question not a joke.
    Glenn Brymer USA (Ret.)

    1. Post

      Hi Glenn, What a fascinating question. In this channeling session, Sanaya said that there could be a time when our soul has had every experience it ever wanted or needed and chooses to merge back into the Oneness.. My interpretation is at that point it ceases to be identified as a soul – the energy (sometimes referred to as light or frequency) that comprised that soul is now dissolved back into Consciousness (Source, God). Because it is a universal law that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we can’t destroy the energy that is identified as our soul but this energy can change form and merge into the Ultimate Oneness (Source, God).

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