WGN Radio - The "I'm Spiritual Dammit" Show with Jenniffer Weigel - December 6, 2017

A fun interview with new questions. CLICK HERE to join Jenniffer Weigel and me as we chat about such topics as the "dim ages", how to get "plugged in", what spirits do on the other side,  and our earth school lessons.

Wisdom of North - Norway August 6, 2017

Host, Janncke Oinaes of the "Wisdom of North" show in Norway asked the "big questions" and covered so much ground with her interview.  Don't miss this one!

Q&A on Talk of the Quad Cities June 8, 2017

DJ Fone, host of "Q & A on Talk of the Quad Cities", KQNA in Prescott, AZ does a wonderful job of asking the right questions in this interview.
CLICK HERE to enjoy the answers.

Buddha at the Gas Pump June 6, 2017

My first interview on "Buddha at the Gas Pump" answered many deep life questions. What an honor to be invited back for the "soul" purpose of sharing my favorite stories filled with evidence of life after death.

The Cosmos in You May 2, 2017

Host, Suzannah Scully, and Suzanne join in a thought-provoking discussion of Suzanne's journey of loss and tragedy and how it transformed her and her mission in life.

Suzanne shares:

  • The three things that our passed loved ones wish we knew.
  • What we need to know to set ourselves up for a successful medium reading.
  • The importance of emotions in our everyday lives and how to shift them

CLICK HERE to enjoy the interview.

Edge Talk Radio EFT Happy Half Hour April 17, 2017

Radio show host, Cathryn Taylor is an EFT ("tapping" - Emotional Freedom Techniques)  teacher and practitioner.  She and Suzanne have a fascinating discussion about Suzanne's work and also  using EFT to eliminate fears and doubts .  Catheryn takes the listeners through  a brief EFT session to clear doubts about connecting with higher consciousness. If you want to learn more about EFT before going through the session in the interview, click HERE

Learn more about Cathryn's work here:

Enjoy Suzanne's and Cathryn's interview HERE

Edge Talk Radio InnerViews February 8, 2017

Host Cathryn Taylor in Minneapolis, MN and Suzanne share a fascinating hour talking about evidential mediumship, communication with pets who have passed to the other side, "Wolf's Message", Suzanne's books, and living in the now. Suzanne shares some of her story in moving from U.S. Navy Commander to messenger of hope and changing peoples' lives.

Create Your Bliss July 7, 2016

Nika-AnnonHost, Nika Annon, and I shared a fascinating conversation on “Create Your Bliss” which is part of Life Coach Radio Networks.  Nika is a life coach who is skilled in Neurolinguistic Programming.  Nika is also a gifted facilitator and fearless asker of questions.  A highlight of the interview was to share my new exercise, "Breathing in the Sacred 7" which was given to me by Sanaya. Be sure to tune in and listen at this link:

Perk Up with Kim - October27, 2016

We Do Not Die Radio Show - July 16, 2016

Sandra Champlain.webWhat a great interview with host, Sandra Champlain, on "We Do Not Die".   I loved the energy and our great connection.  We talked about death, forgiveness, my story, and my classes in evidential mediumship.  I was happy to share a brief introduction to my new BLESS ME method to connect with higher consciousness.  Here is a link to  enjoy the interview:

Living Your Inspired Life - June 21, 2015

Susan Burrell is known for her transformational and inspirational work as a teacher, counselor, motivational speaker, and radio personality.  How exciting to be interviewed as part of a series on the Awakened Life Film Festival that featured Messages of Hope the Documentary. Susan’s show Living Your Inspired Life is aired every Sunday 10 to 11 A.M. on Newstalk 1590 KVTA

New Pathway to Healing -October 9, 2014

Petey-Silveira1Petey Silveria is an author, radio show host, spiritual guide, marriage and family therapist, past-life regression expert and musings messenger.  She and I had a lively discussion around messages and synchronicities in Wolf’s Message. Click Here to go to Petey Silveria’s website to listen to our interview. 

Ask Dr. Love -September 10, 2014

Dr.-Jamie-Turndorf-WebDr. Jamie Turndorf holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is an internationally renowned and respected relationship therapist, author, advice columnist and veteran media personality.  She asked some interesting questions which I enjoyed answering about my new book, Wolf’s MessageClick Play below to listen:


Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation -July 2, 2014

Awakening-to-Conscious-Co-CreationWhat a pleasure to be interviewed by host, Peter Tongue, on his popular show, “Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation.”  We discussed my transformation from U.S. Navy Commander to evidential medium. Peter also had questions about how I communicate with the other side, my guide who helps with “traffic control” during readings, readings for parents who have lost children and the grieving process.  We talked about the evidence I share in Wolf’s Message and my ongoing communication with Wolf.  We also talked about the shift in consciousness in the world and our connection with nature. This was one of my most enthusiastic interviews and I hope you enjoy listening!    CLICK HERE to listen.

Talking Alternative Radio – Living Consciously - June 21, 2015

Flower-of-LIfe-WebHost JeMaja  Selas (filling in for Monty Taylor)  and I carried on a great conversation regarding heart connections and oneness. JeMaja is a wonderful interviewer and light worker.  CLICK HERE to listen