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Comparing, comparing, comparing.  “I am like this, but that one is like that.  They are better than I am at this or that, but I am better at this than they are at that.”  Oh, my!  Can you feel the energy in this?  It is the human way to judge and compare, for yours is a world of relativity.  Peace lies within in the stillness.  The stillness lies exactly in the center between better and worse, right and wrong.  What if you did not compare?  What if you realize you ARE.  You are YOU in all of your you-niqueness, and you are magnificent, simply because the light of God shines within you.  That Light is your true essence. When you no longer see God as a being, but pure BE-ing … the Light … then you can shine your beautiful light without comparing, but celebrating simply all of YOU being that indivisible, incomparable light.

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