In the Flow

Suzanne Giesemann The Daily Way 4 Comments

Why do you feel so free when you are in nature?  For you are surrounded by the energy of flow.  The trees and flowers do not resist growth.  They bend and flow.  The mountain stands tall, confident in simply being.  Water finds the path of least resistance.  The sun does what it does, and there is light.  Shine on, you beautiful soul.  Bend instead of becoming rigid.  Stand tall with the inner knowing that when you flow with how life unfolds, all is well beneath the soil.  You are so very loved.  Take as many moments as possible to emerge from behind your walls and be one with nature.



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  1. What a loving reminder….to get outside and be in joy!
    For some that may not be possible, so stop and receive Nature’s blessings wherever you are. Listen to the stillness within and Give thanks . The Flow is boundless and free to and for all.
    Thank you S and S ! I AM Grateful

  2. Hi Suzanne and Sanaya, this is beautiful. I lived for 12 years in an apartment in a huge city, Moscow, Russia, where I didn’t ever touch my feet on the ground except with shoes on pavements and streets. I’m now living in a small village in Bulgaria, with my own garden and cats and chickens. I have never felt better than I do when I’m outside among the trees and plants and animals feeling this flow of energy around me. It’s amazing. Thank you. Bless you.

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