In the Eye of a Storm

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

When a storm of any kind is coming, you make preparations.  You do all that you humanly can to ensure that people and property are as safe as can be, and after that you have a choice:  Sit and wring your hands until the storm has passed or sit and know it is out of your human hands.

How does it feel to worry?  Do you enjoy the feeling?  If not, then do not worry.  It is that simple.  It is a choice, and you can train yourself to make the choice for peace:  to go to the eye of your own mental storm and find stillness.  When others come to you expressing their fears, you can add to it or be the presence of peace.

Your newscasters go beyond reporting the facts to help you prepare.  They choose sensation and drama to keep you hypnotized and glued to your screens.  Be aware of spells and then sit a spell in the silence, in peace.  Feel the difference.  Do all that you can to prepare and then rise above the drama.  Observe with detached compassion and the peace which dwells always within.