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When is the last time you received a hug?  Arms wrapped around you are such a precious way of connecting.  You touch heart to heart and something inside of you says, “You are loved.”  In an embrace, you are connecting soul to soul.  This connection is love.  Everything arises from love initially.  At times, through the use of human will, this initial impulse goes awry, but the very presence of Life on Earth is an act of God, and therefore, an act of Love.  You can perform an act of God by wrapping your arms around another, or why not around yourself?  If you are the arms and hands of God, then wrap those arms and hands around yourself.  Caress your cheek.  Rub your arm.  Feel the love.  You cannot feel it?  What a disservice someone did by telling you that you are not loveable.  If you continue to perpetuate that myth, telling it to yourself when the original critical voice is no longer present, then you have forgotten Who you are.  Try the hug.  Repeat as necessary until the more loving voice that has never left you breaks through.  You are so very loved.  It can be no other way, for you arise moment by moment from Love, and that is all that matters.

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  1. My mother who passed in December 2006 was a very huggy person. And I have continued this loving practice with my own wife, daughter and son to this very day. Our 31 year old son who has Asperger Syndrome loves being hugged. Outside of our family I always ask for the person’s permission to offer them a hug, as sadly in today’s world close physical contact like this is often automatically interpreted as being of a sexual nature.

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