Guided by Stillness

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

If you are going to test a decision using the body as a barometer, it is crucial that you first empty the mind and bring heart and mind into a state of coherence.  If you test a choice, sensing for a tightening of the body as a “no-go” response and do so without clearing the mind and first becoming coherent, then you may get a “false-positive” or “false-negative” as you would understand it.  Why false?  Because your body would be responding to surface-level ego-level fears born of thoughts based on your personal belief system.  What you want is to tap into your inner/higher guidance, which is beyond thought, beyond words, beyond ego, beyond this world.

When faced with a critical decision, become perfectly still.  Breathe slowly and deeply for a minimum of ten minutes in earthly time, focusing on the breath and the heart.  Generate feelings of love and gratitude.  This brings about the desired state of coherence.  Scan the body’s energy centers for tightness, indicative of blockages.  Visualize these centers being cleared of the blockages and filled with shining light.  Now you are ready.

With no pre-conceived ideas, ask your question in a manner that will result in a yes or no response.  Ask it directly to the higher self, your guides, the Holy Spirit, to God, or whatever you choose as the Force beyond the mind that guides you.  Ask this very specific and clear question and move your awareness immediately to the heart and solar plexus.  Does it tighten and clench?  That is a “no” answer.  Does it remain clear, untightened, and calm feeling?  That is a “yes.”

Do not second-guess your answer, for this is inviting back in thought-forms of the ego-self.  Act on your answer as you feel guided and repeat as necessary.  Welcome to the Psychic Within.