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You don’t have to do it all alone.  In fact, you cannot, for you are never alone.  You are part of something far greater than the human self.  When you remain disconnected from the Source of guidance, inspiration, and love, it is akin to trudging vs. gliding.  How are you moving through life?  If the former, go within and find your true Source.  That is the one thing you must do by your Self.

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  1. Absolutely true…thankyou so much for your message! WE are light beings…living a human experience and we are all connected thru the heart…the love, the light…and that is all that matters….as we live our spiritual oneness…as to our human reality…for everything can change in a nano second…as our awakening continues….thankyou so much for your message and life story! Wishing you a light filled loving moment…that creates the day for YOU!

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