Full Circle

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Continuing with a theme, we, your guides, will give you what you ask if it serves the greater good, if it is in alignment with the whole, so ask if you will, but within your world there are always two sides.  What if you were to not ask, trusting that something even greater might come your way if you were to say to your unseen helpers instead, “I AM here for you.  Do with me, share with me, use me as you will, for the greater good.”  Is this not the same as saying, “Thy will be done,” and trusting a Power greater than your human awareness?  That is what we do as well, for your guides are not all knowing, simply knowing how to trust and flow, and helping you to do the same.  And so, we have come full circle.  You are so very loved.

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  1. Big medicine in this message today. I trust now, Unlike mostly before although I felt I could. Peacefulness and contentment fill most of my days although ego still creeps in occasionally.
    Please know the work done on this and the other side are greatly appreciated! Brad

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