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Have you ever watched a leaf floating on the water, perhaps on a flowing stream?  How effortless is that floating!  Yes, you know about flowing with life, but before you flow you must learn to float.  You cannot float if you are carrying heavy baggage.  Release it.  Yes, just like that, let it go.  Feel it sink beneath the water, not held within you, but released, and left behind as you now effortlessly float to the surface, allowing life to happen around you.  Do not worry.  If something needs your attention, you can certainly paddle and splash around a bit, but then resume floating.  How does it feel to float?  Do you see?  There is great wisdom in analogies.

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  1. Fabulous…what a lovely message…i have shared this on facebook…your message is inspiring…..and thankyou for YOU and for all that you do….a pure light within a human frame…you are loved!

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