srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

You see your body as the real you.  This is far from true.  The body is real, but it is only one of many layers.  The real you is not inside of the body, but is a being—if you will—of light.  The real you flows through and around you, connecting you with all that is.  There is a pattern to this flow that is recognizable as you to other light beings, and this pattern extends beyond the body.  Think of a sandwich.  The messy filling equates with the physical body.  The two pieces of bread are more akin to the pattern of light that holds the “filling” in place.  What a mess you create when you try to carry around only the filling!  This may seem a silly analogy, we know, but we are trying to get you to think beyond the body and grasp the bigger picture.  And yet, even this analogy of a sandwich is quite limiting, for in fact, you have no form.  The form arises from the formless when it is time to feast on the smorgasbord of life.  Enjoy the taste of it All.

Note from Suzanne: To be honest, “This One” said to Sanaya this morning, “This is a ridiculous message!” Then I went to pixabay.com to choose a photo. I entered “Sandwich” and the photo here was #1. Could it be more perfect? It even shows a shaft of light behind it. Who’s laughing now?!