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From big life questions to simple spiritual curiosity, Suzanne has received answers from Higher Consciousness for over a decade in the Daily Way messages, channeling sessions, and spontaneous downloads.  She shares them here and encourages you to seek your own answers by using the tools she shares throughout this website.

Answers are provided here in two varieties:  Videos of Q&As and in written form.  Scroll down to find both formats and enjoy this treasury of loving insights.

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Written Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Fragezeichen / Beratung

Many of the answers provided below were channeled directly from Suzanne's guides known as Sanaya. Others are based on evidence she has gathered from communication with the spirit realms since 2007.

This page is a dynamic resource, with new questions and answers added as they're received.  Many questions have several answers.  Scroll down, as the list of topics and answers is ever-growing.

The original location of each answer is noted at the end of the entry.  Many of the questions were originally answered in Sanaya's daily messages and the entire archive is found at The Daily Way.   Answers were  also selected from channeling sessions with Suzanne and Sanaya. These sessions starting with October 2013 are posted online as  Special Sessions with Sanaya.

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NOTE FROM SUZANNE:  The topic "Finding Our Own Answers" is addressed first for a reason.  I've found that when people bring me questions and challenges, they already know the answer in their heart.  Most of us simply want confirmation from someone we trust.  You have your own built in guidance because you are an expression of the One Source of guidance!  Please trust your heart and use the tools offered throughout this site to access answers from Higher Consciousness.

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1. How can spirit help me make a decision?

Sanaya:  If you are going to test a decision using the body as a barometer, it is crucial that you first empty the mind and bring heart and mind into a state of coherence.  If you test a choice, sensing for a tightening of the body as a “no-go” response and do so without clearing the mind and first becoming coherent, then you may get a “false-positive” or “false-negative” as you would understand it.  Why false?  Because your body would be responding to surface-level ego-level fears born of thoughts based on your personal belief system.  What you want is to tap into your inner/higher guidance, which is beyond thought, beyond words, beyond ego, beyond this world.

When faced with a critical decision, become perfectly still.  Breathe slowly and deeply for a minimum of ten minutes in earthly time, focusing on the breath and the heart.  Generate feelings of love and gratitude.  This brings about the desired state of coherence.  Scan the body’s energy centers for tightness, indicative of blockages.  Visualize these centers being cleared of the blockages and filled with shining light.  Now you are ready.

With no pre-conceived ideas, ask your question in a manner that will result in a yes or no response.  Ask it directly to the higher self, your guides, the Holy Spirit, to God, or whatever you choose as the Force beyond the mind that guides you.  Ask this very specific and clear question and move your awareness immediately to the heart and solar plexus.  Does it tighten and clench?  That is a “no” answer.  Does it remain clear, untightened, and calm feeling?  That is a “yes.”

Do not second-guess your answer, for this is inviting back in thought-forms of the ego-self.  Act on your answer as you feel guided and repeat as necessary.  Welcome to the Psychic Within.   The Daily Way 1/11/2018


Sanaya:  Decisions come at you from left and right.  At times your life can seem overwhelming.  Many are more than happy to let others make
their decisions for them, be that other a partner, a parent, or a psychic.  In your heart you already know the answers—what decision or choice to make.  This is your inner parent, inner partner, inner psychic. It is the head ruled by ego that brings on the doubt and fear.  Do not listen to ego. 
Go straight to the heart whose partner you would know as the “gut.”  They work in unison to give you that gut feeling.  Is it clenched?  Make sure it is not being influenced by ego.  Clear the slate and state, “I know nothing.  Heart, what is the answer?” and then tune in to heart and gut again.  If still clenched, that is your “no”answer.  If all is open and free-feeling, that is your go-ahead, your green light.  Do you see? You are a slave to no man or woman for answers.  All answers lie within, and the heart is the direct bridge to Spirit.
The Daily Way  1/6/2015


Sanaya:  When you realize who you are, you can make your decisions from the heart.  You can be guided by higher insights.  Other humans may ask you, however, “On what are you basing this decision?”  In a world of humans who are at varying stages of awakening, the answer, “I am following my heart” is at times not sufficient for others.  And so, you do your human due diligence.  You play by the rules of the game, all along knowing that in the end you will follow your heart and the inner guidance.  In this way, you walk that balance between the two worlds.  In the end, you see that the heart guided you correctly, and all are thus satisfied.  This is how you are in the world, yet you know you are not of it.
The Daily Way 6/13/2017

2. Help! What do I do?

Suzanne:  Know that you are inseparable from the Source of all answers and that no challenge was ever solved at the same level from which it arose.  To take your challenge higher, sit quietly, take several very slow, deep breaths, move your awareness to your heart, and ask directly of Higher Consciousness, whether that be your own soul, your guides, angels, or God/Source Itself, “What is my next step? What do I need to know about this?” Remain quiet and truly listen with no fear or worry. Listen with wonder. If you receive no insights, go about your day and know that the answers will come in miraculous way because you asked in this awakened way. 

3. What makes up our intuition?

Sanaya:  Your mind can be your greatest challenge. You think you have to think everything through, and therein lies the challenge: you think. The moment you begin analyzing, you have stepped away from the feeling part of you that communicates most clearly with the greater part of you: the heart. The heart, in conjunction with the solar plexus, connects you directly with your intuitive sense, whilst the brain is a machine that analyzes, rationalizes, deliberates, and keeps you separate from responses that would serve the greater good instead of the lesser self. Do you see how it works, this “getting out of the head and into the heart”? It only takes a simple shift in awareness and focus to find more connection and wise solutions.
The Daily Way 12/8/2015


Sanaya:  Trust your instincts.  Most excellent advice.  What is instinct, but an innate knowing.  Animals have this well developed.  You have shut it off.  When you don’t trust your instincts, you feel fear.  Listen well:  Fear can be a tool of instinct, guiding you to run when there is danger, but it is an instantaneous thing.  When there is lingering fear, there may or may not be danger.  Ego could be at play.  How to know the difference?  Go into the silence …into the stillness.  Seek Presence.  Now turn instinct back on and ask if you are safe.  Ask if you can proceed.  Only from stillness can true discernment be practiced.  Do not listen to others when important decisions must be made.  Go into the silence and trust your instincts.
The Daily Way  4/13/2013

4. How do I make a decision for a loved one who is incapacitated?

Sanaya:  At times you must make decisions for another who cannot do so for themselves due to incapacitation.  You struggle so mentally, questioning, “Am I doing” or “Did I do the right thing?”  And we ask you:  What was your motive?  Did your actions come from the heart?  From an inner knowing that this was the best decision for the greater good?  Then please, we ask you, release your mental and emotional struggling, for you have done the very best for your loved one that the human/spirit can do.  What good does it do to continue questioning your decision?  Trust us, when you follow the heart, you are listening to the soul.  It is where all souls are connected.
The Daily Way 9/6/2016

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1. For our spiritual development, does it matter what we eat?

Questioner:  Can Sanaya describe what might be termed good, better, or best diets for humans, especially those humans interested in being more involved with higher consciousness and/or spiritual development?

Sanaya:  Regarding the diet.  We will not advise you to eat one thing over another.  As always we advise you to listen to your heart.  In this case, we can change our words a bit and tell you to listen to your gut.  Both are intricately connected to the intuition which is that aspect of you which is directly connected to the greater aspect of All-That-Is. 

Why is it that some eat a diet completely devoid of meat and proteins and thrive, while others eat a diet filled with meat and thrive as well?  It is because the consciousness of the one doing the eating tells that one that what it feeds itself is beneficial to the body. What you think becomes your reality.  You see this in your placebo effect of your medications.  If you think that it is healthy to eat naught but meat then when you do so, in moderation of course, that would be your result. 

As to the killing of animals in order to feed oneself, we ask you as always to examine the motive.  Do you not see the killing of animals in order to feed oneself in the animal kingdom?  Has this not been the cycle of life since the beginning of life on the human planet?  Animals know this instinctively that they must kill to survive. You use the word “kill” and it has a negative connotation.  Were you to find a different word for it - one based upon survival motive - knowing that life is eternal and that spirit cannot be killed, you would see this in a completely different light.  Yes, of course, an animal when chased by a greater animal will run.  This is the fight or flight syndrome.  This ensures that the killing for eating takes place in moderation.

 If the motivation to take a physical body of the spirit of an animal is done for survival and the meat is eaten for nutrition in moderation and it is healthful to the body then this is active participation in the cycle of life.  If one chooses not to eat flesh for it does not feel positive … it does not resonance with one’s belief system … then by all means eat what feels right.  Do you see how much control you have over your life?  Such a gift …exercise it freely. This gift of free will is what makes you different from the animals.  Tune into your heart – follow your heart always and the body’s health will follow.


Attendee:  Sanaya, are there any certain foods or diets that help humans in achieving higher vibrational levels or improving meditation?

Sanaya:  Once again, the question of whether or not to eat certain foods goes to the individual.  There are no “shoulds.”  Should you eat this or should you not eat this?  There are no “shoulds,” and they are different for each person.  We wish to tell you that some of you could eat, consume your chemicals in the little packets we are showing this one.  You would understand the yellow and the pink packets, would you not (Splenda and Sweet N Low)?  And some would say that is poison to the system, and to them it would be poison.  And to the one ingesting it who says “this does no harm to me,” it would do no harm.  Your thoughts are corrosive or non-corrosive.  Indeed, we would not ask you to try poison to test this system (laughter) but whether or not you eat meat again depends upon your intention and what you are creating by doing so.  Channeling Session 2/19/17


Sanaya: Sugar fogs the brain.  Have no doubt about this.  You worry that medication will block your connection with the spirit world.  Be just as concerned about the chemicals you ingest in your food and drink.  We are not telling you to change your diet.  You do not have to do anything.  Just be.  However, if you wish to have far greater clarity of both thinking and knowing, eliminate as much sugar as possible.  There is no need to be fanatical.  Mindfulness is always recommended.  Mindless eating and drinking results in imbalance.  You have asked for practical guidance, and we give it to you.  Sugar is a drug.  If you do not want to hear this advice, that is ego putting up its defenses.  Awareness will bring you back into balance. Have we mentioned how very loved you are?  This is our goal:  to cut through the fog so that you can know this and show this.  The Daily Way 12/12/18


2. What does spirit say about the purpose of our military?

Attendee: Sanaya, on this day when we honor our veterans, (11/11/18) can you speak to what the purpose of a military is to be?

Sanaya: Most definitely. In a world in which there are many who have not yet remembered who they are and come back to learn lessons of love and oneness and unity, there will be many who still slumber, who do not realize the meaning of unity, and when this is missing – what have we said is the definition of love? The absence of separation … there is always unity, but when the human awareness runs away with the story and forgets who they are, then with the outward focus on human objects and human thinking, they are apt to make decisions that are contrary to love. Therefore, there are many humans who seek power, who seek possessions, and when those two things are sought after, you are bound to have conflicts. Because you have a world filled with human beings who do not recognize the oneness, you need order in your world; you need boundaries and rules and laws. And until all human beings cease seeking power and possessions, there will be a need for protection from those who take up arms in aggressive actions. We have no judgment of this from the higher realm; there is no judgment, merely understanding of what happens when the human mind has an outward focus rather than an inward focus. We hold the Light as we wish all of you to do and ask you to turn up that Light knowing that in your lifetime -- we must be truthful -- you must understand that not all beings will awaken to the point that you will no longer have conflict. And so, we understand your desire to not have conflict and to not have a military, but because one is spiritual does not mean, within the story, that you are not realistic. We understand this. We shower you with light, wishing for more and more to awaken, and we are seeing this. But, again, it is up to each one of you to find the love within your hearts first and foremost and see the truth so that others around you will feel the effects of your light until one by one the lights go on and there are no more conflicts. But this is a world of duality in which you learn from trial and error, through your mistakes. There is no mistaking that atrocities continue in your world, but do remember there are two worlds, two worlds.  And when this life becomes too difficult, do not escape this world by seeking meditation at all times; seek meditation for wisdom, for peace, so that when you step back into the role, you can be a bearer of the Light so that others need not bear arms. We hope you have enjoyed our answer. We too would love to see a world with no conflict, but we can guarantee you that world awaits all of you when you cross the veil. But that place awaits all of you now in the heart. This is the heart of our message to you this evening and always: That place of no conflict is that state of pure Being from which all of you arise. You honor your veterans, for you know that their motives for the most part are pure. There will always be a few who go astray. Send them Light. Be the Light. What is the motive? This is the question to ask yourself. Be the change – this is most excellent advice.  Channeling Session 11/11/18


3. How does the spirt world view human beings?

Sanaya:  You brave, brave soul!  You chose to inhabit a physical body that would automatically feel fear and despair and grief in response to so many situations.  And you would have to find the perfect balance, wrestling with those innate reactions of the physical body all the while KNOWING at a level perhaps hidden by your human conditioning that all is well, that you cannot die, that you are Love in expression.  How brave you are, indeed.  Please know that you are never alone on this journey, and you are so very loved.
The Daily Way 11/1/2019

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1. What message does Spirit have for one who is facing their own transition?

You have been taught to fear death.  And no wonder.  It is the great unknown, except for those who have crossed the veil and returned to talk about it. 

Imagine a state of no aches and pains, no longing, total satisfaction.  Would this not be Heaven?  You experience it at random throughout your physical experience, and then life gets in the way in the form of thoughts, cravings, addictions, dissatisfaction, and disharmony.  Even so, you cling to this earthly realm.  Your attachments are many, most especially to those you love with all your heart. 

“Why would I want to leave them?”  Of course, you fear the separation.  What if you knew that you will see them more clearly than you do now … seen not through a glass darkly, but face to face at a soul level? 

Oh, the recognition of who you are awaits, beautiful light … the full recognition of who you have always been.  It comes instantly when you shed the body.  And here are your loved ones who have passed, and here in awareness are your loved ones who are still experiencing their earthly trials … by choice. 

As you keep this in mind—that all humans are souls who willingly taking on the burdens and blessings of being human—may you understand that your passing will bring them great grief, yes, but it will also remind them why they came here in the first place … to experience love through the contrasts.

May you release the bonds of earthly attachment that are bringing you fear.  Death is a release, a return, a relinquishing of one story for a new chapter.  Is one experience better than another?  This depends upon your point of view. 

As you experience fear of the unknown, remind yourself what is known in the heart:  Love cannot die. 

Love is felt in the human heart, for this is the connection point between soul and human vessel.  Go there when fear creeps in and breathe.  Trust.  The journey is an easy one when you trust. 

Maintain a sense of wonder, a child’s belief in miracles, for that is what awaits you.  Assure your loved ones that you will always be here for them.  Encourage them to talk to you after you depart the body, and tell them you will do your best to guide them as you always have, knowing they must stumble a bit as part of their own journey. 

It is all okay. 

Love is what has brought you together, and what love has joined, no death can tear apart.  On to a new experience you go, not to a world of darkness, not to emptiness, but to greater and greater awareness of the fullness that you are.  How exciting!  Point of view is everything. 

In these, your final days in a body for now, maintain this awareness of your true nature as the magnificent being of light you have always been and fear not. 

You are so very loved.


2. Do those who die in violent or traumatic deaths suffer in those moments?

Sanaya:  Quite often in the case of your automobile accidents, the soul is catapulted out of the body before the body feels any pain.  In the case of a fire or drowning – have no fear – have no fear.  The soul has already separated from the body.  There is one small aspect remaining behind, but the fear, while it may be momentary—a momentary flash as you would understand it in your human terms, “an ‘uh oh’ moment” (chuckles from the audience) … something is not right … Then a flash of light and looking down upon the body watching what is happening to the body with a sense of detachment.  Rest assured it is so.
Channeling 7/11/2015


In Suzanne's "Messages of Hope" radio show interview with guest Nancy Rynes, Nancy describes the bicycle accident in which she was dragged under a car.  Listen to Nancy describe the state of dual-awareness, experiencing the incident from her human body and from the soul's fearless and painless perspective at the same time:

3. Why do some die so young?

Sanaya: What of those who pass young?” you ask.  “Did they learn all of their lessons?”  In some cases the answer is “yes”, but of course also in some cases “no”.  These early passings afford those around them the opportunity to learn greater lessons.  We ask you to always think of the web, the interconnectedness of all souls.  See the connection from the higher perspective of which we were speaking, understand your place in it to understand the death process.
Channeling 9/20/2015


Sanaya: And of course I hear your thoughts now, and you are saying, “But what of the little child (who dies) … they did not live four score years? What of those who are killed in the prime of their life? Did they learn their lessons?” And again we ask you to trust us. Trust us until you get to our side and can see the big picture. But for now look upon those AROUND those who died before what you would call “their time,” and see how THEY are given the chance to advance their soul’s growth by what you do consider the “tragedy” of an early death.
Channeling 4/27/2011

4. Does it matter to our soul how our body is cared for after death?

Questioner:  Does Sanaya have any input on whether someone decides to be cremated or buried or donate their body?

Sanaya: Do you know that whether or not one cremates a body or buries it or donates it makes not a bit of difference to the soul?  If it makes a difference to family, then yes, honor these choices. But here as well there are many beings who have crossed the veil and the family did not follow the wishes of the one who passed, and it did not bother them at all. We wish to assure you this is so. Motive is all important. What is your motive? As long as it is done with love, that is the lesson there. Remember, the body is the vessel. Treat it with respect, treat it with love, but do not become so attached to it that you feel that should something happen to the remains or cremains that you have lost your loved one. You cannot lose them, for they are the Light. There is no attachment to the body once you leave it behind. You recognize it for having served you, but it is not the real you and, therefore, again we say, it makes no difference at all. Follow your heart – always the greatest advice. Channeling Session 11/11/2018

5. How is death explained in the bigger picture?

Sanaya:  Natural childbirth … you know the term.  Birth is perfectly natural, is it not?  In fact, many spurn hospitals, or at the very least, spurn the medications that dull the very natural experience of birth for mother and child.  Pain is a part of birth.  You know this and accept this.  No one wants pain, and few would say they like it, but they accept it as part of this natural process. So now we ask you, what about death?  You fight it, especially when it happens before a pre-determined age that you call “a full life.”  But if life goes on after this physical incarnation, then death is but a passage.  You call it “dying of natural causes” when the body ceases functioning not as the result of an accident or deliberate effort, but that is merely referring to what came before a very natural ceasing of bodily functions. Of course you mourn the loss of those you hold dear.  Of course you grieve the lack of physical presence, but they are not gone, dear friend.  They are still very much alive as a soul, even more so than when in a dense body, we assure you, and they are surrounded by love … even more so than when surrounded by dense human beings. And so, we leave you with these words to ponder:  Grief is natural, but so is death.  May you find comfort and solace in knowing that life goes on, albeit in a different form.
The Daily Way 6/11/2016

6. Is there such a thing as an earth-bound spirit?

Attendee: When a person dies and their soul doesn’t cross over and then one of their loved one dies; do they not then see them when they pass?

Sanaya: It is a fallacy that the soul does not "cross over," for without the body, the soul suddenly knows, "I have always been in this state of pure being." It is an awareness.  You understand that the ultimate pure being is of the highest level. Without the body there is an awareness that there is far more than the human life. You, some of you, have heard of what you would term “Earthbound spirits.” These are, in many cases, loved ones, souls, as you would understand it, who have such a connection here that they do not wish to have a fully spiritual experience, and so they may choose to, as you would understand it, hang around awhile. But trust us, they are not in an intermediate mode; they are well looked after, their guides have not abandoned them.  At times they merely need a reminder: “You have passed, you are now in the astral realm, please continue creating your experiences, but do it with those who have also left their physical body.  Those here still in physical form can carry on well, you can still communicate with them.”  What we are telling you is that the soul is already playing on the other side, as you would understand it. Aspects of the soul can still maintain attachments here, but these are not to their soul's detriment. All it takes is merely a reminder, "You may fully wish to experience your new reality in the astral realms." When another loved one passes, they can immediately reunite with that loved one if each soul so desires, and often this creates a magnetic pull to bring them into alignment with their new reality.
Channeling 10/22/2017

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1. NEW 2/7/21. Is there a hell?

Sanaya:  “Is there a Hell?” so many of you ask, and the answer is yes, but it is not as you envision.  It is not a place, but a state of mind.  And no one is
trapped there, but remains there as a result of their own thoughts.  “Not an uplifting topic today,” you say, and we say, raise your thoughts, then.  That
is the point.  You create your own heaven and hell.  Nothing is as it seems.  All is perception.  How would you like your world to be?  If it appears hellish, examine closely why this is so.  All is actually neutral.  You paint the colors on the white canvas.  Will they be dark or bright? 
You are here in the school of life to learn how to paint, but you choose the colors and the hues.  Choose wisely, and remember that if you do not like the results, you can always choose a new color from moment to moment.  Why are some people content while others always down?  It is not the circumstances.  Think of those who chose to sing while imprisoned in one of your hells on earth: a concentration camp.  Why did they sing?  For they knew that inside they could paint their own masterpiece. Are you dissatisfied with the painting you have created?  Change it now, one brushstroke at a time.
The Daily Way 12/27/2013


Question:  “For those leaders in our world who have murdered millions of people, whom we consider very evil, what happens when they cross over to the other side?”

Boris (Suzanne’s guide):  A heavy energy comes with that question, for there is much heaviness in our world when we receive one from your world who has so little advanced.  These souls, they are shown their lives immediately.  They see their mistakes.  They know what they have done wrong.  This is the lowest of the low… the lowest vibration that we have on the other side.  They remain submerged, you might say, unable to mix with those who have understood love while on your earth plane.  They feel nothing of the love that is available to all others.  They feel nothing but tremendous remorse.  Suffocating remorse.

Just try to imagine the most repulsive emotion—regret beyond anything you can imagine—when their eyes are opened to the effect that they had on others.  They do slowly learn to understand this.  At first it is like a lost cause, for they come to our side not understanding injustice, not understanding the pain they caused to others until they feel the pain themselves—the full pain of what they did to others.  The full pain.  Imagine such a pain.  A long, long period of recovery.  Some will stay there beyond what you imagine as a lifetime.  A very long recovery. 

It saddens us greatly that there are some who never felt the love of God in their hearts, for if they did, it would be impossible to harm another.  So completely blinded are some to the God within, to their own soul, their own spirit essence, which is pure love.  You cannot give love unless you recognize that this love is your source.  As it comes alive, the more you give love, the more you are able to receive love. 

Source:  “Messages of Hope:  A Memoir of a Most Unexpected Medium” by Suzanne Giesemann

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1. Can anyone connect with the spirit realms?

Sanaya:  As a person raises their vibration, the gifts of the spirit appear.  So many are surprised to suddenly know things without having been told, to see into the future, to see apparitions.  You may call these paranormal powers, but they are perfectly normal for one who has released the normal blockages of the human body’s filters to the energy that is all around you and always has been.  You are multi-dimensional beings.  When you are used to only being human, it comes as a surprise to discover your other layers, but all you have done by raising your vibration is to peel back some of the layers.  How to do this?  Practice presence, silence, and love.  Practice allowing, surrender, and loving kindness.  Believe, intend, know. … all that we have been sharing with you for nigh unto a decade now, and you are seeing the results.  But do not let the ends surpass the means.  It is not about the gifts, this work. It is about the Love and bringing more Light into your world.
The Daily Way 2/9/2019

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1. NEW 2/7/21 Can a medium communicate with my loved one in spirit if they speak a different language?

Note from Suzanne: I've communicated with several souls who did not speak  English and I didn't speak their language.  It does not matter - we don't communicate in words, but in thoughts or downloads of information and images.  I did ask Sanaya, however, after I received an email from a woman with the same question.  Here is their answer:

Sanaya:  What are words, but visualizations of concepts and feelings.  They are a step in the process of communication that is unnecessary in the non-physical world.  Once you no longer have a body, you communicate soul to soul, light to light. Some of you do this now.  You know love when you feel it, as you know fear and other strong feelings.  You know a tree when you see it, without any need of labeling it as such.  When with someone who does not speak the same language in the physical world, you can communicate through pointing at objects, gesturing, and mimicking emotions.  There is no need for any of this once you can communicate solely through the vibration of thought. During a reading it makes no difference if a spirit speaks a different language than the medium.  The concept, object, or feeling are sent to the medium as a frequency that the medium’s brain will recognize and “translate” into words.  It is merely an extra step to do so.  This is why certain feelings are common to all of you now.  All souls, whether here or in the hereafter, know love when they feel it, so spend the day speaking love, why don’t you?  It is the universal language.
The Daily Way 3/11/2015

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1. How can I deal with my grief?

Sanaya:  When all you have left are pictures, oh how you cry.  You feel that you only have memories, but there you err. Your loved ones are still with you. They have left you in physical form for a while, but what they have left you cannot be destroyed.  They have left you a greater capacity to love.  They have expanded your awareness of how it feels to love and laugh.  Yes, in a world of duality you now feel the pain of physical loss, but that love never dies.  Bring them to mind and they are with you.  It is the human side of you that instantly goes to grief.  Set that programming aside and visit for a while in spirit.  Have a chat and bask in the love until you can chat again face to face.  Love never dies.  You can experience expanded love in an instant.  Sit in the love and give thanks for having the love at all. 
The Daily Way  5/4/2013


Sanaya: The death of a loved one is a trying time for those on earth, no matter how enlightened you are.  You share memories with the one who passes.  You share love and concern.  Concern yourself at this time with those who do not have the full understanding of this very natural transition. Concern yourself as well with yourself. Share with others and remind yourself that death is a point of celebration for the one who will no longer have to bear the pain and darkness of life in the physical world.  Know that they will be surrounded by love and loved ones who have preceded them.  Life will be far easier now for them, and we do stress this word “life,” for life is indeed eternal.  Concern yourself far more with remembering the good times and know that you will share these again.  Feel your grief, but do not become swallowed up in it.  Allow yourself a period of sadness for the close contact you will miss, then pull yourself back to that place of love within yourself.  Do this as a choice—for yourself—with your own thoughts.  It is not necessary to suffer.  Your loved one no longer suffers and would want you to know this.  They look upon you with new eyes and wish you to know all is well.  They are safe and loved in the arms of angels, and so are you, my friend, so are you.
The Daily Way  11/21/2015

faq box (1)
1. What happens to one who dies by suicide?

Sanaya: The question asked is, “What happens in consciousness when one takes their own life?” A very good question indeed. This one (Suzanne) has had the opportunity to converse frequently with those who have taken their own lives.  We wish to tell you that all souls, regardless of how they passed to the other side, are surrounded by love. Upon passing from the human body, all souls – all souls – may we say it again – ALL souls are surrounded by love. Those who take their own lives are seen as those who have faced such challenges that they have taken free will into their own hands. The challenge is that they have missed opportunities for their soul to grow. They are helped by guides to understand their decisions. We wish you all to understand that your purpose in life in human form is the development of the soul to raise consciousness of the apparently individual and as a whole. How do you do this? By raising your individual consciousness. How do you raise the consciousness in this room? You turn up the love. You as human beings are given opportunity after opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity to turn up the love. Each one of you as an individual light adds to the light of the whole when you reach the other side. You can see, therefore, that one who has not fulfilled their assigned lifetime returns to the reality from which they came not quite so bright as they could have, nevertheless, they are surrounded with love and with understanding and with no judgment.  These are souls who quite often wish to help other souls once the human experience has been fully assimilated.
Channeling 8/27/2015


Questioner:  Why do some people die of suicide, and what happens when they arrive on the other side?

Sanaya:  None are given more than they can handle, but there are some whose patterns of suffering, whose identification with the role has become so solidified, so dense, that they have lost full awareness of the light within. 

Please understand that the soul is always fine, and the soul is not suffering.  Please see these souls not as lost souls, but as human roles that have become a bit occluded to the soul’s light.  And so they have used that will – which is why it is the wild card – to make a choice, and that choice does result in them crossing the veil, becoming one in the spirit world now again prior to the full length of the life that they had agreed to. 

What happens to them when they cross is that they are surrounded by love, aware of that light of which we spoke and able to see the effects of their actions on others. 

Hear us well:  The soul does not suffer in the way that humans know.  At the soul level there is awareness.  Whilst they are still identified with the human role, there is that human understanding, and still opportunities for the soul to grow across the veil, and so growing does ensue.  But they are, as are all souls, surrounded by love and given loving helpers to assist them.  Talk to them as you would any beloved. They hear you and wish for you to know all is well. 

Special Session with Sanaya December 20, 2020

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1. Do we reincarnate?

Sanaya:  All souls come into this world with different levels of vibration, having had different experiences in human form in the past.  Yes, we are speaking of reincarnation, which is quite real.  If you only had one chance to get it right, that would be quite tragic would it not?  (attendees chuckle).  Channeling Session 8/28/2015


Sanaya:  Have you lived other lives? Of course. You may find it fascinating to delve into those lives. What do they have to teach you? They teach you what you have chosen to work on as a soul in those other lifestreams. Worry not if they are past, future, or parallel lives. What matters is that the soul is experiencing possibilities in those lifestreams, leaving certain possibilities to experience, work on, learn here and now. If you identify certain other lives and certain repetitive patterns, then perhaps it is time to be done with those patterns here and now. Perhaps it is time to balance out the scales and continue fleshing out the fullness of the soul, which you do by embodying flesh for a while. Do you see? Embrace here and now as a soul in the flesh who has come to this moment in time and in space for the experiences, the growth and the learning that this very particular lifestream has to offer you. You are who you are and how you are for a reason. Embrace it and grow!  The Daily Way 9/11/2018


Attendee: Is reincarnation continuing?

Sanaya: Most definitely.  Reincarnation serves a purpose.  The soul, even though the human may become a bit tired of having had a human story, has a bit of a rest in the spirit world and says “Well, wasn’t that interesting?” and decides to have another go at it, for it is quite clear (that) the learning that takes place in this earthly laboratory of consciousness is far greater than when one is surrounded by fellow light beings in awareness such as occurs in the spirit world. Here in the earthly realm, with the laws of cause and effect, the learning is great, and so the soul reincarnates. But here as well it is not an all-or-nothing proposition; the soul remains always at home and just a bit of it is having a go at the human life again. Your loved ones will remain as a pattern of energy -- and this does not sound very romantic, does it? A pattern of energy is what you are. You are not this body. You are not this mind. You are a pattern of thoughts, feelings, sensations, images that you identify with, but all of it arising through consciousness, and this cannot be destroyed. Therefore, your loved ones will always be there to greet you, if that serves the greater good, when you cross the veil, whether or not that soul is learning through another pattern here in the earthly realm. We hope you have – we have answered your question to your satisfaction.  Channeling Session 11/11/2018

2. Can we reincarnate into a lower consciousness?

Sanaya:  Understand us well that there is not a lowering of vibration.  Always the soul rises higher, so you would not see a human being come back as any aspect of consciousness lower than that which was gained in the previous lifetime.  Do you understand?  If there is a choice to rise to a higher level, and this has been earned in an incarnation, this will be the next experience.  It is different for all beings.  
Channeling August 2, 2015

3. How many lifetimes do we have?

Questioner:  How many lifetimes does a soul have?

SanayaAs many lifetimes as it takes to awaken, my friend.  There is no predetermined number of lifetimes.  The question was asked, “How many lifetimes does a soul have?”  Limitless.  It is all is about the learning.  The soul makes a choice after each incarnation to have another go at it. Channeling Session, August 2, 2015

4. What if my loved one has reincarnated when I pass to the other side?

Sanaya:  Reincarnation serves a purpose. The soul, even though the human may become a bit tired of having had a human story, has a bit of a rest in the spirit world and says “Well, wasn’t that interesting?” and decides to have another go at it, for it is quite clear (that) the learning that takes place in this earthly laboratory of consciousness is far greater than when one is surrounded by fellow light beings in awareness such as occurs in the spirit world. Here in the earthly realm, with the laws of cause and effect, the learning is great, and so the soul reincarnates. But here as well it is not an all-or-nothing proposition; the soul remains always at home and just a bit of it is having a go at the human life again. Your loved ones will remain as a pattern of energy -- and this does not sound very romantic, does it? A pattern of energy is what you are. You are not this body. You are not this mind. You are a pattern of thoughts, feelings, sensations, images that you identify with, but all of it arising through consciousness, and this cannot be destroyed. Therefore, your loved ones will always be there to greet you, if that serves the greater good, when you cross the veil, whether or not that soul is learning through another pattern here in the earthly realm. We hope you have – we have answered your question to your satisfaction. Is there another?   channeling session  11.11.2018

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1. What about those with dementia- can their soul leave early?

Questioner:  I have read and I’ve heard that sometimes when somebody has a disease like Alzheimer’s that their spirit can leave their body well in advance of their body, itself. Is this possible?

Answer:  The spirit is always connected to the body. It is the moment that you know as death when the spirit does depart the body. We hope you understand this. You have seen the change in the physical body when it is no longer enlivened by spirit. It changes immediately as it begins to return to dust.  Perhaps you have heard of the silver cord. A very real phenomenon, energetically speaking. And it is this cord which maintains the contact between the spirit body—the subtle energy body that you are—and your physical body. It is quite possible for all of you to so-called “leave” the body on visits to other dimensions, to other realities, yet still remain quite attached to the human body.  In answer to your immediate question, yes, those with the disease of the memory which you know as Alzheimer’s can indeed leave the physical body, but not completely. Always do they remain connected by this—what you would understand as an “umbilical cord”. This is quite a good analogy for it does supply that vital life force to the body, just as the umbilical cord does serve that purpose for the fetus. But always does the spirit remain with the one whose physical body is impaired to such a point that it can no longer express the purity of the mind, which still exists.  We do wish you to understand that when the spirit-being with the physical body impaired by the disease known as Alzheimer’s does pass through the transition that you know as “death”, that one is instantly free of all confusion and all infirmities, for this was solely an infirmity of the body. “Bad wiring,” as we have called it in the past.
Channeling 4/3/2011

2. How can I ease my emotional pain?

NEW 2/7/21   Sanaya:  Why is there so much suffering?  For so many do not realize this physical world is not your only home.  You are souls—all of you, yet you forget by design.  Some have remembered, and they are the teachers.  Do students always listen?  When they are ready.  Until then, it is the school of hard knocks.  Awaken to the memories that lie hidden in the heart. When life gets you down, remember that you are living life at another level simultaneously.  Shift your awareness to the higher self and take a refreshment break.  How do you do this?  Belief and intent.  Believe that there is another aspect of you as a soul, and with the intention to know that aspect, sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, and following your intention, simply shift awareness.  Remain in that expanded awareness a little while or a long while.  Do this practice repeatedly until you re-member your life, emerging whole again from your suffering.
The Daily Way 12/8/2016


Sanaya:  Do not ignore emotional pain.  Face it head on.  Ask it, “What are you trying to show me?” and it will answer if you are brave enough to listen and to hear.  And now we offer you a simple way of cleansing the wounds, no matter how deep. When you have discovered the underlying cause of your pain, sit quietly with your eyes closed and relax as much as possible.  Using your consciousness as the vehicle to healing, gently pull that memory and its associated pain from your body, seeing it as a ball of dense energy.  If you are sensitive, you may feel the energy center where this ball of pain has been stored.  Pull it out and hold it in front of you in both hands like an offering.  Realize that you have been carrying around this pain long enough.  Wring it out like a dirty sponge.  The deeper the hurt, the muddier the water that will flow from it.  Now see a shaft of bright light coming down and cleansing the energy that remains in your hands.  See the previously dirty ball of energy now sparkling and bright.  Return this pure energy to your body.  There.  It is done.  You need no longer carry around that old pain.  You will feel lighter instantly.  Now simply remain alert for the next stabbing pain of emotional discomfort and repeat the cleansing process as needed.  The more pure is the vessel, the more you can express the pure Love that is you. The Daily Way 10/21/2014 

3. When will war and suffering end?

Questioner:  How many eons before mankind grows in consciousness? 

Sanaya:  There is no time in the world from which we speak to you now (the nonphysical realm).  You would not understand us if we put the answer in your time, but we wish to tell you that all unfolds at the perfect rate according to the mass consciousness. What we feel most from your world now is impatience.  Consciousness is rising rapidly, and you are fed up, are you not?  You are fed up with those who still slumber.  There are quite a number of those sleeping souls.  We will put it in terms that you would understand.  We will keep this brief and tell you that humankind is now in the stage you would understand as “adolescence.”  Adolescents do still act a bit like children at times, do they not?  Yet, there is the spark of hope for those teenagers, and we see that now with humankind.  We can see adulthood just over the horizon.  There is most definitely hope.  What makes the difference is all of you turning up the light as you help others to reach adulthood. Be patient with those who still walk as children.  Not all have reached adolescence.  It is those who have already reached adulthood who will help to bring the group along.  The mass of humanity will not reach adulthood in your lifetime.  Worry not.  As individuals you do have the capability for this (reaching spiritual adulthood) by awakening to who and what you are. You no longer live in the dark ages.  That indeed was a desperate time as far as soul growth.  The lights are becoming brighter.  We wish you to understand that opening your heart can have an effect on the clashing of two souls.  The opening of the collective heart of groups such as this (channeling session) does indeed have an effect on the collective consciousness of the whole.  This is why you are seeing a rapid increase in consciousness as a whole. We will not put it in terms of time.  We will tell you it most definitely will not happen – wars will not cease, fighting will not cease - in your lifetime.  That is why you are here: to continue awakening.  There are those among you who will return time and time again to help the adolescents rise into adulthood. 
Channeling 8/27/2015


Sanaya:  All of you currently are rising in consciousness.  You call this the “third dimension,” but do you realize it is not just because you are in a world of time and space with three dimensions, but it is a realm that relates directly to the third energy center in the body - the third chakra.  You are rising, all of you, ascending now as a mass species, as humankind, to the fourth dimension ...  to fourth dimensional consciousness.  What is the fourth chakra, we ask you?  The heart.  Exactly.  As more and more and more awaken to who you are and why you are here, are you not finding more of a loving attitude, a heart-centered attitude amongst your fellow human beings?  This is the true meaning of ascension.  … We wish to tell you that there will not be a mass ascension of spirit, but of the state of consciousness of mankind as you now ascend within consciousness, yet still in human form, to the fourth dimension.  This is what is in process now, and yes it is a joyful time as more and more of you awaken, for the heart is the bridge.  No longer will the mass of man be held in bondage.  These are the baser vibrations, the very human vibrations (power, greed, etc.).  As more and more of you raise your consciousness to that of the heart center ascending to fourth dimensional consciousness, more will love prevail. … We do hope that this instills in you a bit of hope.  We also wish to tell you that as consciousness rises, it is a bit infectious.  If you look at the history of humankind from the time that mankind did take form at the first dimension, it has been thousands and thousands and thousands of years.  But happily, the good news is it will not be that many lifetimes for you until all of mankind understands that this (points to the heart) is where the love is, and the power struggles were never necessary at all.  … Things are looking good for mankind from our perspective.  Do not allow fear to overtake you.  Go back to your heart at all times. 
Channeling 3/9/2014

4. Was suffering part of my soul's plan?

Sanaya:  “Why do some face more challenges than others?” you ask.  It is because they can handle it, and more will be the growth of those around them for it.  These special souls did enter this life agreeing to take on more than their share, for they realized what lessons in love these challenges would be.  It is the nature of the human being to forget these agreements when you dress in a body, but the spirit knows that all challenges are opportunities for the growth of many, not just the one. When you pass from the body, you will see how intricately all fits together and what an important role your challenges played in the growth of many souls.  How one handles challenges depends greatly on one’s perception.  It is always a choice to view a challenge as a tragedy or an opportunity.  Step back from your human reaction and see with the eyes of Spirit.  Rather than sinking into the depths of despair, flood all situations with love, then rise to the surface and breathe.
The Daily Way 11/22/2011


Sanaya:  You come in knowing what these lessons are that you choose to take on, but the blindfold is put on through your human conditioning. It is part of the learning process, and quite a clever one at that, if you do study it long enough. But as you go through these challenges, do you not grow? And if you are lucky enough to realize that you are here to grow from your lessons—and the growth, my friends, comes from learning to love, no matter what the challenges … from learning to give love to others, no matter what others give to you— when you can grow from that, perhaps someday you will not need to return to life from the spirit world, but always it is a choice…. Do not worry yourself so much understanding now, “Why must I face this challenge?” You will understand when you pass from this life. This promise we make you without reservation. All will be revealed to you when you cross to our dimension. For now, if you are unable to see why you must suffer these challenges, at the very least we beg you to grow from them.
The Daily Way. 4/11/2017


Sanaya:  Into every life there comes pain.  This you have come to expect.  You run from this pain, but do you not see that these times of trouble and suffering have produced the greatest growth in the quickest time?  It is not that we wish you to suffer, merely to see the suffering for what it is … a tool of your soul’s evolution.  You have chosen your circumstances and the teachers in your life for a purpose.  Welcome them for the lessons they bring you.  At the same time, know that all suffering begins in the mind.  All events are neutral until given meaning.  The suffering comes from how you choose to interpret each event.  True growth will reveal that you can control outcomes just as easily as you control your thoughts.  The more you change your reactions to events which in the past may have created angst, the more you realize how very much you are created in the Father’s image.  The Father creates only goodness.  It is through man’s use of this same creative Force—the power of the mind and will—that man creates darkness or light, suffering or peace.  You are the creator of your personal universe.  How will you shape it?  Your thoughts are the clay.
The Daily Way 8/8/2010


faq box (4)
1. What are cravings all about?

Sanaya: Alcohol, drugs, and food—initially you use these in excess to feel better.  Eventually they make you feel worse.  The unconscious human is in an ongoing battle with the self, constantly seeking pleasure and pushing away pain.  You need not do anything to excess to realize that this constant seeking of pleasure and denying pain runs your life.  To step off this cycle takes awareness of it, which is why we bring it to your attention now.  Break the habit of constantly reaching for something for the pleasant and oh-so-temporary sensation it will give you.  In that moment of awareness, pause and give gratitude for something in your life that brings you long-term pleasure and feelings of joy and love.  We daresay that moment of gratitude will save you the pain that often follows giving into pleasures which do not serve your greatest good.  Gratitude—it comes with no strings attached.
The Daily Way 2/8/2016


Sanaya:  Why does the human turn to alcohol or drugs? So as not to feel the lower vibrations of being human.  This we understand.  It is a temporary break from being human, but it is moving in the opposite direction from Spirit. You have heard many songs about a natural high. Being in nature, breathing in fresh air can bring a great rise in personal vibrations that are moving closer to the vibration of Spirit rather than away. Rest assured, all is God, but Spirit is felt more clearly at the higher end of the spectrum.  Breathe in the fresh air and pull Spirit into your lungs.  Yes, get off the couch when you do not feel like it. Take a walk in nature.  Commune with Spirit and clear your human head.
The Daily Way 10/1/2012


Sanaya:  Crutches.  They assist you when one of your legs is not weight-bearing.  There are many other crutches in the human’s closet.  Alcohol, sugar, and drugs are the crutches many turn to when they cannot bear the weight of human challenges.  A crutch is not necessarily a bad thing.  It most definitely props you up, but what if you don’t have your crutch?  Then you might have to resort to crawling, but you will still move forward.  Be aware of what is a necessity and what is a crutch.  Use your crutches if you must, but every so often stand on two feet without them and notice the difference.  You are fully capable as a soul of overcoming beliefs that tell you things must go one way instead of another.  Keep in mind you are so very loved, and some of your crutches will go back unused into the closet.
The Daily Way 3/8/2020


From Suzanne:  We reach for addictive substances when we are fully caught up in our human lives, reacting to stress.  Set the intention to become aware of our higher self when experiencing a craving and reaching for something unhealthy.  In that moment of lucidity, stop and take a deep, centering breath.  Surrender your human side and call upon Source to fill you with peace.  That moment of pause and the grace that follows will lead to moment after moment of freedom.  You are so very loved.

faq box (3)
1. Can we be harmed by evil spirits?

Suzanne:  Sanaya has addressed "evil" and Satan" on several occasions.  The answer is always the same.  Evil is the result of ignorance of our true Self.  The greatest power in all creation is LOVE and GOD IS LOVE.  We have free will to choose to allow evil in our consciousness or to allow only love. Yes, there are people who are blind to God and Love.  They will play out their roles.  However,  you can set the intention that they will never affect your own light. Light and Love have power over all darkness.  Fill yourself with  light, surround yourself with light, be the light, and darkness can never permanently affect your consciousness. You can test a belief at any time by feeling the reaction of your heart. Does it feel like fear?  Does it just "rub you the wrong way"?  Your heart is telling you to steer clear of that one.  


Attendee: Are there entities here that are affecting our world negatively?

Sanaya: Only if you allow it. In actuality there are higher and lower vibrations, and, indeed, some of you have read quite a bit about extraterrestrials and those from other planetary systems who are working to create wars, and there is all kind of talk, but we are not going to speak of that this evening. Do you know why? Well, the human mind can go a bit crazy, can it not, and create scenarios and create “woe is me” scenarios that it is the end of the world. And our message from the very beginning has been one of love. Do you know that you create your reality? And so if we were to tell you to be afraid, be afraid, be very afraid, what would you do? Create your doomsday scenarios. And we will tell you with all due assurance you need not worry about that. All is in good hands, very good hands, as this is a universe based on love. There are other realities of lower vibrations. This human perceptual reality is well-protected, you are well-protected, and your task is to uphold the light, and that is all that you need to understand. 
Channeling 10/22/2017


From Suzanne:  Understand that you attract to you circumstances that will lead you to find your true inner light.  If you experience fear, this is an indication that something within your human awareness is in need of healing/bringing in more light.  Ask Source/your guides to show you what needs healing and to assist you in clearing any blockages to experiencing your innate wholeness.

2. Are souls ever sent to earth to do evil?

Sanaya:  Those on the other side would never send a soul to live amongst human beings knowing that he or she would deliberately cause harm to another.  We do know, however, that all humans are gifted with the use of free will for the learning it affords.  Sexual predation, as an example, is the use of free will gone awry.  It is an aberration.  This would be a choice made by a very young soul who has clearly forgotten who he is and is so very detached from his awareness of the self as spirit that he makes the lowest of choices. 
Channeling 7/11/2015


Sanaya: We wish you to understand that the potential to be a sexual predator, or a terrorist, or a murderer lies within each one of you, for within you exist all possibilities. All possibilities.  Do you understand this?  An older soul (one which has lived many lifetimes as a human) does not even consider such lower vibrational choices.  A younger soul (not in age, but in lifetimes) has a greater potential of making such a choice.  It is possible, but not planned.  Again we say that a soul would not be sent to your earth knowing the exact way in which the choices would play out.
Channeling 7/15/2015


faq box (2)
1. Is every prayer answered?

Sanaya: We hear your every prayer, your every plea, your every call.  Some of you may ask, “Why then is not every prayer answered?”  The answer is simple:  for many of you have not the greater perspective.  It is quite normal for the human being to think only of the self, most especially when the challenges weigh heavily upon you.  You ask for help, but cannot see that things such as death and accidents and illnesses are not always the tragedies that they seem.  Hear us well, we understand that your personal tragedies are tragedies to you, but we are asking you to take now the higher perspective.  See the lessons involved for all when these tragedies, these illnesses, these deaths, these things that you think and label as “bad” occur.  When you look back upon them, you see the growth that has ensued.  You see the love that surrounded you during these times of trial, do you not?  Are not your funerals some of the most love-filled events of your lives even though there are tears?  There is reason for this.  
Channeling 9/20/2015

faq box (2)
1. What is the true Religion?

Sanaya:  Much evil has been done in the name of religion. Unfortunate misinterpretations of the teachings of various masters and abuse of power did lead and still does lead to the opposite results of the true purpose of religion. People band together to share their joy and love at discovering the truths of the Spirit. In truth, there is no need for a special building in which to do this. There is no need for a leader. No need for organizations with rules. No need for anything at all save for each individual to go within the heart and know themselves as Spirit. The love and joy that comes from this experience will flow forth in such a way that it will beg expression.  Band together to express this, if you will, to be among like-minded souls … to share the love … but be always mindful of the true reason for which you come together: to celebrate the fact that all of you are experiencing the same joy, the same love … for all of you are of the same Source. Worship Spirit in yourself and in others wherever and whenever. Feel the common bond that is Love and express it to one another. That is true religion.
The Daily Way 12/23/2010


Sanaya:  You speak of religious tolerance.  We ask you to feel this word, “tolerance.”  Does it not have a bit of a negative vibration?  Do you not “tolerate” bad behavior or a naughty child?  Do you not “tolerate” medicine?  We ask you to see others’ spiritual beliefs and all beliefs which differ from your own in a more positive light.  Are not beliefs merely different modes of perception?  What is wrong and right varies from one mind to another.  Is not all that exists merely an expression of the One Mind?  Do not merely tolerate others’ beliefs, but look for what they can teach you.  All religions at a basic level share certain Truths, for these Truths come from inner teachings.  Those which may come from human distortions can be discarded by your individual mind through the act of loving discernment, meaning you give it the heart test.  How does it feel? If you choose to discard a certain belief, do so not with mere tolerance, but with “compassionate allowing,” as you see beyond the belief to the Spirit-essence of all beings.  Then you do not merely tolerate all others.  Then you allow yourself to love thy brother as thyself, and to thereby love God with all your heart.
The Daily Way 8/28/11


2. NEW 2/7/21 What about violence in the name of religion?

Sanaya:  Do you not feel mass outrage at mass murder?  How can one person inflict so much damage?  It is not just one person.  It is the mass consciousness of humans who believe that killing is justified.  One human becomes the instrument of many.  Be cautious now of pointing fingers at any one religion or another.  Violence is the religion of entire communities who allow repeated images into their homes and theaters every minute of every hour of every day and call it entertainment.  Have you counted the number of times you and your children have seen a weapon fired or exploded, killing fellow human beings in your television shows and movies?  It is so commonplace as to be acceptable and even enjoyable, and yet you are surprised when this same killing takes place in your schools.  No, these are not good vibes in our message today.  You must be the change you wish to see.  You must revere life to the point of pointing out what is present or missing in your very own homes and hearts.  We say this with no judgment at all.  We are merely point out that it is time for the pendulum to swing back toward peace and the sacredness of life.
The Daily Way 7/17/2016

3. Are the stories in the Bible true?

Sanaya:  Regarding your Bible.  We will tell you that as many human beings as have walked this earth, you have an equal number of interpretations.  Is it the word of God?  We will tell you that every word that comes out of a human being’s mouth is the word of God.  What was the message that the one known as Jesus came to share with all of you?  All of you are one with the Father.  This message is inherent in his words throughout the Bible.  We will tell you that the words in the Bible are secondhand remembrances of the words of Jesus.  You have your game as children that you call "whisper down the lane" and you see in the playing of this game how words are slightly reworded.  So it is with any book that is a secondhand telling of the original words.  We will assure you that the message contained within these words is the same. Be aware that these words are also a translation of the original language of the one known as Jesus.  For this reason the interpretations have in some cases changed the original meaning.  So as you receive your various interpretations of the words, we advise all of you to go always to the heart where all of you connect with the Christ within … the one who truly knows itself as one with the one known as God.  In this state of communion you can test any words for truth including these words which you now read.  When they speak to the heart, when they bring back the remembrance that all is One, then you will know them as Truth.
Channeling 8/20/2015

4. Who is Jesus?

Sanaya:  Jesus is the one so many of you worship—and for good reason.  He is one who walked upon your earth, cloaked in human vestments, yet one who understood the truth—that man is God with a body.  “I and the Father are one,” said the Nazarene.  But did he not also say, “These things I do and far greater can you do”?  This wise master walked among you to teach the greatest lessons of your life, and still he walks among you. Use this great master as your model.  Can you think of one better?  If you were to love all of mankind as you love God, with your heart and soul, judging no one, treating all with equal kindness and compassion, would you then not be as the Father?  Be careful of the metaphors which make the Father into a human image in your mind.  Maintain, instead, the quiet knowingness that this loving, ever-present, ever-caring, father-like Force flows within your every cell—aware of you, giving you life.  But this Force has no arms, no legs, no eyes, nor ears.   For this you are here.  Go forth as did Jesus—walking, talking, seeing the world through the eyes of a human, but knowing with no question that you walk as the Father and for the Father, and as such, you cannot fall.
The Daily Way 10/24/10


Sanaya:  On this day a child was born … a gift to the world.  It matters not your belief system.  This child grew to be a man who modeled loving-kindness, acceptance, and forgiveness.  You could all use such a model today, could you not?  Such a soul lives within you with the self-same traits.  Will you be a model of such in the coming year?  We celebrate your birthday every day, wishing you the gift of awakening to your gifts.  Be that which you are.  Come to know yourself as a Christ—one with God, Love itself.  Now that is cause for celebration.  Happy birthday to Jesus the Christ and to the Christ within you.
The Daily Way 12/25/2014

5. NEW 2/7/21. What does "Christ" mean?

Sanaya:  A Christ: one who knows himself to be an aspect of the One.  Many of you harken back to the olden days of your youth with wistful fondness.  You did not live with terror as you have it now, but you did have it on a grand scale in the form of world-wide wars.  Death and killing has always been part of the human miasma.  It is the direct result of free will and choices given to all.  Christ consciousness is what is needed in your world, and slowly it is coming as more and more come to know that the illusion of separation serves you not.  Beyond the bodies that war against each other are souls that know only love.  There are actually no individuals, save individual aspects of Spirit.   As a human being given the free will to choose, you can choose to despair or you can choose to stand for unity consciousness, in which all are brothers and sisters, even those who fail to see the Christ within all.
The Daily Way 3/25/2016

4. NEW 2/7/21. Does the Bible say that mediumship is wrong?

Suzanne:  The argument about communicating with the dead has been around as long as people have been interpreting the Bible.  As with most things, if one is looking for a particular point of view, one can find it. Those who disagree with mediumship will find verses to support their view in the Bible.  They will may choose not to discuss the verses that speak of the “gifts of the Spirit” and others which support personal communication with higher consciousness.   

For those who take a hardened stance against work that comes from the heart, we can sit back and from a place of non-judgment say, “Isn’t that interesting!”  From this neutral perspective we can remain centered in love, feel at peace, and respect and appreciate the vast diversity of opinions that comprise the human experience.  It is a blessing to not live in fear.  It is a blessing to feel enveloped by divine love and devote one's life to sharing that love freely with all others, respecting others' opinions without judgment.

I would ask those who have found healing from the evidence I have brought forth from communicating with their deceased loved ones if they experienced anything that was “not of God.”  If the work I do ever results in anything less than bringing more light into our world, then I will stop doing it. It’s that simple. 

My beliefs come not from what is written in a book or taught by another, but from contemplation, personal experience, and tuning in to my heart.  Having spent much time in the expanded consciousness offered by meditation, I have come to know that we are all one with our Source and therefore cannot be separated from that Love, no matter what we believe or do.  Everything is “of God.”  Yes, we personally reap what we sow by our own actions, but we are always surrounded by divine love as we learn and grow.  I do not expect or request that anyone reading these words agree with my beliefs.  We are all at different places along that spectrum of perspectives.  I hope that you form your own beliefs that feel just right for you. 

Taken from Inspirations Blog Post by Suzanne  5/30/2015

faq box (4)
1. How do I deal with difficult people?

Sanaya:  Throughout your life you will face a variety of tests.  There are few tests greater than to love those who hurt you.  You will face the deaths of loved ones and you will face illness.  These do require understanding of the nature of Reality, but the greatest understanding comes when you can look upon one who acts out of fear and ignorance and send that one love. So many in your world do not know who they are.  They are blind to their Self as spirit.  Because of this, they do hurtful things.  Their words and actions are dark and can be painful if perceived as something that can hurt you.  Understand well that nothing can hurt you-as-spirit.  It is only the ego that feels pain.  The soul is pure Love. When pained by another, this is a duel between egos.  Throw down your sword and surrender the ego.  This is an act of power … an act of awakening.  The other may continue to spar, but without an adversary, he will have to look elsewhere.  By modeling right action yourself, perhaps your brother may actually catch a glimpse in your mirror of his true nature.  And perhaps not … if that is his choice … but struggle not with another’s darkness.  Worry only if your own light burns brightly enough.
The Daily Way 2/12/2011


Sanaya:  Do not ignore emotional pain.  Face it head on.  Ask it, “What are you trying to show me?” and it will answer if you are brave enough to listen and to hear.  And now we offer you a simple way of cleansing the wounds, no matter how deep. When you have discovered the underlying cause of your pain, sit quietly with your eyes closed and relax as much as possible.  Using your consciousness as the vehicle to healing, gently pull that memory and its associated pain from your body, seeing it as a ball of dense energy.  If you are sensitive, you may feel the energy center where this ball of pain has been stored.  Pull it out and hold it in front of you in both hands like an offering.  Realize that you have been carrying around this pain long enough.  Wring it out like a dirty sponge.  The deeper the hurt, the muddier the water that will flow from it.  Now see a shaft of bright light coming down and cleansing the energy that remains in your hands.  See the previously dirty ball of energy now sparkling and bright.  Return this pure energy to your body. There.  It is done.  You need no longer carry around that old pain.  You will feel lighter instantly.  Now simply remain alert for the next stabbing pain of emotional discomfort and repeat the cleansing process as needed.  The more pure is the vessel, the more you can express the pure Love that is you.
The Daily Way 10/21/2014

2. How am I supposed to love myself?

Sanaya:  How often do we ask you to have compassion for others?  But what about yourself?  You are not perfect as you walk about learning, nor are you expected to be.  Perfection—or at least the striving for it—comes at a cost.  The price is disappointment and disillusion.  Have compassion for yourself.  Just as you laugh with joy when you see a baby take its first steps and fall, laugh at yourself when you do the same.  Life is all about learning and growing.  Harsh judgment and criticism serve no purpose.  Those are human traits.  See yourself from the heart … at a soul level … and laugh when you fall.  Then pick yourself up, dust off your bottom, and get on with your learning.
The Daily Way 11/22/2012

3. I don't mind being alone. Why bother with relationships?

Sanaya:  It is all about the connection.  God could have remained alone.  God knows only love, but there is something engendered through connecting that cannot be experienced until experienced.  You can love yourself fully.  You can enjoy your alone time, but to expand the heart outward is a pleasure unto itself.  Focus outward and connect intimately with another part of creation, be it human, animal, plant, or inanimate object and know the intimacy of connection.  Part of you knows there is no separation.  It also knows that seemingly separate aspect of you is there for the enjoyment and the pleasure and the growth.  Engage fully in Life.  Connect.  Do not avert the eyes when meeting others.  They are your brothers, no matter how they may be disguised.  You are so very loved.  The Daily Way 7/10/2019

4. What does spirit say about showing affection for others?

Sanaya:  When you kiss another, you are loving God. When you say, “I love you,” you are loving God. For how does God express Itself, but through Its creation? Do you wish to feel the love of God? Look not to the skies, but into the eyes of another. Do not hesitate to show affection. Do not hesitate to say the three most important words in your vocabulary.

So many of you hold back from expressing your True Nature to others … a way of acting learned from your culture … but a pity, for as you express your love for others through your words and through your gestures … through the touch of a hand on an arm … through a soft kiss on a cheek … you are fulfilling your role. Give of yourself freely. It is why you are here.
The Daily Way 8/5/2010

5. Did I choose my family before I was born?

Sanaya:  Family is so very important.  Why?  Because you made an agreement before you came here to learn from each other and to help each other to evolve and grow.  Some of you are very close in temperament, style, and appearance, whilst others seem as if they belong to a different clan.  Do you see the learning opportunities these differences offer you?  “To learn what?” you ask.  “To learn of pain and strife?”  No, to learn to love each other no matter what.  You can learn this with all those around you, to be sure—with friends, enemies, and distant strangers—but your family is ever-present, if not physically, then in your very genes.  You may try to forget them, but they do not go away.  This is because they will always have this very basic lesson to teach you.  Thank them, and then get back to work on your lessons.
The Daily Way 7/13/2011


Sanaya:  Ah, Parents … Your earthly father may or may not have fulfilled your emotional needs.  The same with your mother.  And what of it?  Are you not here because of them?  All of you made an agreement before coming to this life that you would make a family, whether or not you stayed together, whether or not you shared love.  You were all exactly what the other needed for your individual souls’ growth.  If the relationship you now share is completely loving, then you have come a long way and healed many wounds in this life and others.  If there is a lack of love, then you continue to help each other.  Do you see this?  What better way to learn to love unconditionally, just as does your heavenly Father-Mother, than to love those who allowed your spirit to take on physical form, no matter how human they were.  Love knows no bounds, but the human does.  The human sets conditions, even with those who brought the human into this world.  It seems a strange way to learn to grow, but actually, it is quite brilliant. 
The Daily Way 5/25/2012

faq box (3)
1. Why must our bodies age?

Sanaya:  We ask you to look upon suffering and to look upon the aging process as part of the perfect process of life.  There is only so much learning that can take place in one human incarnation.  You are part of a self-informing system.  All of you are learning and growing.  This learning adds to the whole when the soul emerges from this body once again free now in the spirit world to fully express the love that it is.  It is then shown the full lessons that were learned: that which was benefitted from the experience in the body.  If there is opportunity for more learning, that soul is given the opportunity to return again in the form of a tiny child and have lessons over again or work on new ones.  So we ask you to look upon aging as a beautiful process of life, not as a tragedy, and to find peace within. 
Channeling 9/20/2015

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1. What is our relationship to the earth?

Sanaya: The earth is a living, sentient being – your “mother” as it were.  Your physical body derives energy from your Mother Earth, and back to her it will return when this soul no longer needs this body.  Do not disrespect your mother.  As the earth’s consciousness rises she groans, and grows, and stretches, as do you.  Do not fear.  Study your geological patterns, your meteorological patterns, and you will see that the earth has been growing and stretching for quite some time, and it will continue.  She is a very tolerant one – the consciousness of the earth.  She has great patience with all of you.  Treat her with respect.  Send her love.  That is what makes the earth go round. 
Channeling August 2, 2015

faq box (8)
1. Is is wrong to kill animals for food?

Sanaya:  ... As to the killing of animals in order to feed oneself, we ask you as always to examine the motive.  Do you not see the killing of animals to feed oneself in the animal kingdom?  Has this not been the cycle of life since the beginning of life on the human planet?  Animals know this instinctively that they must kill to survive. You use the word “kill” and it has a negative connotation.  Were you to find a different word for it - one based upon survival motive - knowing that life is eternal and that spirit cannot be killed, you would see this in a completely different light.  Yes, of course, an animal when chased by a greater animal will run.  This is the fight or flight syndrome.  This insures that the killing for eating takes place in moderation.  If the motivation to take a physical body of the spirit of an animal is done for survival and the meat is eaten for nutrition in moderation and it is healthful to the body then this is active participation in the cycle of life.  If one chooses not to eat flesh for it does not feel positive … it does not resonance with one’s belief system … then by all means eat what feels right.  Do you see how much control you have over your life?  Such a gift …exercise it freely. This gift of free will is what makes you different from the animals.  Tune into your heart – follow your heart always and the body’s health will follow.