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Conscience“Set the record straight.” “Clear the air.” “Do the right thing.” All of these at an energetic level have a similar vibration. Why? Because when a thing which in your heart feels unfinished, undone, or not quite right is allowed to linger, it causes constriction. The heart continues to send you signals that there is business to attend to. The stomach remains clenched. Yes, “in your heart” you know this, yet you put it off. What blocks you? Fear, greed, selfishness, doubt, worry … all attributes of the ego, and none of them healthy. You have this built in indicator of what action to take. Yes, at times it takes courage to “do the right thing,” to clear the air, to make amends, but that step leads to freedom, which is far more comfortable than bondage. Listen to the body and act—a simple recipe for peace.