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To wake up means to know who you are.  This can happen whilst in physical form or after leaving the physical body behind.  In the case of the latter condition, it is quite difficult to not awaken, for you are so surrounded by Love-awareness, which is Self-awareness, that you suddenly realize that your former physical life was only part of your wholeness.  And so, to wake up whilst in human form means to realize you are both physical and pure spirit, human and soul.  Should you have this awakening prior to the transition you call death, you will enjoy far more peace and joy in your waking hours.  You enjoy this in your sleeping hours each night, for this is when you enjoy and merge with soul-awareness.  We are not speaking of your dreams, which can easily become mere distortions of your conscious and subconscious thoughts.  Should you enjoy the wholeness of the soul-human integration whilst in a waking state, you will have no need to adjust to this integrated state upon passing.  You will simply blink and say, “My goodness, I have left the physical body behind, but here I am!  I am still here!  Still I AM, yet I am far from still!  I am flying!  I am free, just as I was that moment in physical form when I realized I have always been so much more than that human story! What joy all will experience when they, too, have this awakening!”

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