Beneath and Beyond

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

Who are you without your story?  Do you really know?  Have you set your story aside long enough to truly get to know this light-being who is far more than a human being?  You as a soul, as light, do not care about labels, achievements, possessions.  You as light simply are.  What are you?  Glowing, pulsating, being.  In that pulsating and radiating and merging with all that is you truly know yourself.

To put a word to the essence of this light is nigh unto impossible, but there is no need for words, for the soul already knows itself.  The closest word you have to your true essence is love, but this is far from the human kind that comes and goes.  Your light never comes and goes.  You simply are.  Be that which you are without the labels, the story, the drama.  Why would you want to practice this state of simply being?  Peace, Joy, Love without a story lie within your reach, for they live within you, beneath and beyond the story.