srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

How often do you judge another by their appearance?  Yes, this is “Being Human 101,” but how many of you have moved on to the more advanced lessons without having mastered this one?  Know that the human is instinctively programmed to recognize and seek out beauty.  You are drawn to a flower more than to a weed, but is a weed any less alive than the rose?  For the basic human, this attraction makes sense.  In years past, it ensured the survival of the species, but that is most definitely in the past.  We wish today to simply make you aware that judging a book by its cover is on par with the fight or flight syndrome.  It is strictly instinctual, and with awareness, it can be overcome.

See a person and have a visceral reaction?  That is programming.  Pause.  Be Conscious!  Yes, there is that trigger word.  Better yet, look in the mirror and repeat after us: “Conscious!”  And in that moment of Divine Awareness, of Presence, see beyond the cover to the oneness, the Source, the Love.  Laugh or cry at the challenges of being human, but give gratitude for these moments of seeing that even the challenges are not the real you.  The real you lies deep within and beyond the body you behold.