Back to the Source

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You grow discouraged, thinking, “What is it going to take to see the oneness in my fellow human beings?”  You may never see it as long as you gaze at the surface level with your human eyes.  Perhaps you will “see” better your connection by using the analogy of the one hand with five seemingly separate fingers, of the one tree with its many leaves and the one trunk, or of the fiber optic light with its many dancing lights, yet one Power Source.  Hold these such images in mind and know that you appear separate for the many experiences this seeming separation affords, and then imagine falling, falling, falling, traveling backwards or forwards, however you like, but ever so safely back to your common Source, united as that Source with your fellow light beings.  Do this repeatedly throughout the day, the week, the month, and for as long as it takes for you to internalize, “I AM the Light!”

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