Journey of Remembrance

Are you ready to cast aside the veil keeping you from full awareness of your true self? This powerful yet intimate combination of music and words—spontaneously channeled from a level beyond human awareness—has the power to awaken you to truths long-forgotten. Listen to it again and again, and honor your eternal journey with this gift to your soul.

“It speaks to the Soul in a way I have never experienced.”

Enjoy a preview.

“The Journey of Remembrance is a gift for your soul

and for anyone you love who needs to be reminded of the treasure that lies within.

“A holy masterpiece, whether one is new to meditation or an expert. Play it all day long and watch it bless the world.”
“This CD has rocked my soul! It has truly touched me like nothing else. Thank you again, you have changed my life.”
“You can feel Spirit vibrating throughout your whole body.”
“This is the most remarkable recording. From the first word I was covered in goosebumps and the shivers just kept coming for thirty minutes.”

“I’ve never experienced anything like this meditation. Just knowing that I have it for those days when I feel Homesick is such a comfort. My gratitude for this incredible gift is boundless.”

The combined vibrations lead to an experience that is not of this world, clearly designed at a higher level to take you on a mystical journey to your true Home. Listen in deep meditation, or as you relax at the end of a stressful day, or perhaps on a contemplative walk.

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Journey of Remembrance (Featuring Sanaya). Sanaya takes your hand and walks your soul through “The Sacred Seven” – the innate aspects of the soul. The exquisite vibrations lead to long-forgotten memories of your eternal existence, helping you to step fully into the power that is your birthright.

Track 3: The BLESS ME Meditation (Guided by Suzanne). Travel through Suzanne’s BLESS ME method of connecting with Higher Consciousness, breathing in “The Sacred Seven” to clear energy blockages and expand your awareness. Use the free-flow of music after the guided words to experience exactly what your soul needs in this “now” moment.



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