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The question has been asked, “Who do I pray to if I am one with the Source?  Do I pray to myself?”  There will always be two aspects of the self whilst in human form:  the human who asks for help and the soul, which knows all are facets of the Source, experiencing Life through different lenses.  Praying to the Light indicates that you are in a bottom-up state of awareness, feeling weak, needful, separate from the Source, like a child asking a parent for help instead of trusting that one with a greater perspective to have all in order.

The Light is the Light.  Life unfolding is the expression of the Light.  It unfolds in ways that may seem imperfect when viewed through the billions of lenses, but there is only one Life.  To pray “for” is to deny this reality.  Supplication comes from bottom-up human awareness.  Affirmation comes from top-down soul awareness.  Instead of asking “for”, affirm the One Life.  Affirm the ultimate goodness and wholeness of Life.  Affirm that beyond human appearances, all is whole.  The practice of such affirmative vs. supplicatory prayer will draw you closer to remembrance of who and what you are beyond the human drama.

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  1. This is truly profound. So ‘with the flow’ and so opposite from the World Pull to ‘attract and take for oneself’ instead of allowing whatever is supposed to happen to the Self, which we are a part of. Thank you.

  2. This topic was just on my mind, so very timely. My prayer used to always be supplemental in nature, and now I seek to pray “affirmative” prayers. Here is a question that I hope someone can answer. If I have a need at the human level, I know God, of which I am part, is my source, not other humans. Let’s use the example of additional or new employment to cover needs that my family has, how would I word the prayer?

    Thanks for any comments.

  3. So how do I go about asking whomever to take away a cancerous growth in my cat’s mouth. I have been connecting with the source for ages with no results.

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