Why So Long?

srgiesemann Inspirations from Suzanne


The email I sent out yesterday about my new blog caused quite a few on my waiting list for a reading to ask for an update.  The answer is:  “You are moving up, however slowly!”  If you read Ty’s blog, it might sound as if all we do is play.  Rest assured, in between exercise, writing, speaking, and the chores of daily life, I am give readings …seven days a week.  (Except on days in which I give presentations or those times when Ty and I run off and escape for BALANCE!)
The challenge is that even with well over two hundred people on my waiting list I only give one or two readings a day.  Why?  It’s a simple function of time and energy.  Not too long ago a woman came for a reading. When it was over she shocked me by saying, “I’m a medium, myself, and I really just came to check you out.”  As I stood there thinking, “Isn’t that interesting!” she said, “And now I have to tell you, this was an honor.  You are the real deal.”  To that, all I can say is, “Thank you, Spirit.”
So I took the opportunity of being with a fellow medium to ask her why I feel so drained after my readings, limiting me to only one a day.  She replied, “It’s because you dig so deep.  You don’t just give a twenty-minute surface-level reading with fluffy messages.  You work at a really good connection, and you get nuggets of gold.”
I have to tell you, I sure appreciated the affirmation.  While I’m not happy with the snail’s pace at which my waiting list moves, at least now I see the bigger picture.   In the end, I hope it results in the best possible experience for those of you waiting as well as for your loved ones on the other side, for whom the wait is only the blink of an eye.