Which “I”?

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“I” is what you call awareness.  “I” is how you know you exist, but there are varying levels of “I.”  “I” can be the story built up around your belief system and experiences, and not all of these may serve you.  “I” can be the Witnessing Awareness that observes the story with neutrality, pure consciousness.  The mind needs its labels, needs to know how to refer to this witnessing awareness.  It exists, it is real.  It is who you really are, and you are far more as well.  So, if you want to call both of these aspects of you “I,” then go ahead and do so, but feel the difference.  Know the difference, and know that the peace and love you feel is very different based on which “I” you I-dentify with.

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  1. Brad

    Great photo attached to this message! After rereading it a few times, I think I get it. I tell my wife often that I hate labels on people. Sanaya often messages about dropping the facade, letting down our defenses. I’m definitely learning but my work awards more human aspects of life to take charge. Isolating that pull is my challenge right now. Soon enough though I’ll be free to leave that behind. As always, Thank You and Sanaya for providing a compass… Brad

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