srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

And so, early in this earthly time you call a week, on the day you celebrate love, we gave you a very practical tool for ridding the self of lower vibratory blocks.  We asked you to hold these blocks outside of your field and visualize them lovingly dissolved by the light into billions of tiny particles of light.

We wish to address now the fear that some of you have that those particles still exist, and you are correct.  Why?  Because energy—in this case, thought-energy, consciousness, mind—cannot be created or destroyed, merely transformed.  So what you have done with this visualization is taken what we will liken to a “thought tumor” and broken it into the basic essence, which, at this level, is no longer toxic.  Now it has been reduced to its primordial essence to be used again … rebuilt into thoughts that no longer block the flow of the Life Force, but empower you, the human.

Not destroyed or destructive, but transformed.

Fear not.  It is blockages caused by fear-thoughts that you are routing out … darkness replaced with Light for your personal transformation.

Congratulations, beautiful light.  We see you ever more clearly now.