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There are people in the world who are far more troubled than you are.  Do not allow their energy to knock you off balance.  We are not speaking of the horizontal balance of you and the other, but the vertical balance of you and the higher self of you.  When another’s challenges knock you off balance, this is an indicator that you have identified once again with the stories—yours and theirs.  There is another level where these stories do not play out.  Rise up, shift your focus, and identify with that level.   From here, there is no judgment, only compassion, for both of you and all of the stories.

You are all so very loved.  Roll around in it, the love and not the stories, for that love and the awareness of who you really are is what carries you through.

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  1. barbara

    I’ve got sanaya’s site up and running again thank you for all the help. today’s message was very apt and timely for me and much needed and appreciated .

  2. Michael Olson

    Hi Suzanne,

    This is kind of a “guy story”! I went out to hook up a mower to
    a tractor which usually is not too difficult, though sometimes things take longer, depending. It went smoothly this tie, but as
    I was nearing the edge of the garden where I wanted to mow, I
    need to squeeze by the pickup truck that was parked close to
    the garden. Somehow a back wheel bracket of the mower got
    caught up under the pickup. I thought, “Oh boy, this is going to take some time”, and it did,over an hour to get it free. I had to use a screw jack to life the back of the truck enough so I could pull the mower out with the tractor and not bend up the bumper of the truck. When I did finally get the mower free, I could not find the three rings that are used to set the mower cutting level. I searched for a good while in the grass and on the mower, but I could not find the missing ring. I wondered if it was lost earlier and that I forgot about it. I found I was lacking energy so I cam in to rest a while and I began to think about how spiritual writers like Earnest Holms stress that our thoughts are what determine
    the reality we experience positively or negatively…it is the law of our mental-spiritual makeup. I then had an inspiration to go back
    out and search under the bumper and I might find the ring. That didn’t seem too likely, but I then thought, “Oh well, why not give it a try?” So I went out and felt up under there and found the ring
    resting on the bottom flange of the bumper. I was impressed with the effectiveness of the inspiration which I could easily have ignored. If I had driven the truck any distance later I would have lost it for sure! This just an example of how close and immediate
    Divine inspiration is if we don’t ignore it!

    Michael from Maryland

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