srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

Yes, spirit recycles.  All of life goes in cycles.  You call this reincarnation.  Some are happy to learn that you are given a choice to come back and continue the soul’s growth.  Some are filled with fear:  “If reincarnation is a fact, does this mean I will not see my deceased love one when I pass from this lifetime?”  Have no fear.  As the soul goes through each lifetime, it changes.  The goal is always in the direction of a higher vibration of consciousness.  In this way, each soul moves to the astral world with a unique flavor.  In the spirit world, just as in the physical world, all of these flavors combine to make a unique taste.

Think of consciousness like a stew.  In the physical world the ingredients are coarse and do not always mix well together.  In the higher dimensions the ingredients become more fine and blend better.  When Spirit makes the decision to take on more growth in the human laboratory of learning, a bit of the heavenly stew takes form once again, now with a bit of a different flavor than the last time, but with hints of the old.  Should you run into this new soul in this lifetime, you might sense something familiar in their flavor.  Trust us, however, that the familiar flavor that your loved one developed whilst in the human form that you knew and loved will be quite recognizable to you when your time comes to add your improved flavor to the mix.

Perhaps now you will understand why some groups here you find a bit distasteful.  It is the blending of flavors that are not in resonance with your own.  Never forget that the basic ingredient of all recipes is love.